You Need To Take The Dark Triad Personality Test

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February 17, 2016
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You Need To Take The Dark Triad Personality Test

dark triad personality

The Dark Triad Personality Test

The Dark Triad personality test was developed to give a better estimation of the darker characteristics that each of us possess. This test goes deeper in the darker side of human psychology and helps us to understand which trait we are more familiar with based on a series of questions.

Disclaimer: Though the test examines and rates us based on certain criteria, it’s only used for educational purposes and shouldn’t be taken as psychological advice of any kind.



So What Is It Exactly?

The Dark Triad is a trifecta of 3 different characteristics of the human psyche, and they are:

  • Narcissist
  • Machiavellian
  • Psychopaths

Each of these characteristics possesses the potential to create self-power for personal gain and control over a wide variety of situations that would otherwise not be easily controlled without tapping into this trifecta.


**Before we dwell deep into what these traits are and the qualities they share, be sure to first take the test here:

It will take only couple of minutes,  Reading the article before taking the test may spoil some answer choices which may render the results inaccurate.

Got your results? Let’s begin.


Differences Between The Dark Personalities

There are some important differences between the three as we will discuss them below.  Each one is specific to the type of malevolent qualities they possess.



Rating the highest in egotism, higher sense of pride, and a lack of empathy.  Narcissist would do anything that is in their power to promote themselves in the best possible way.

Narcissists often see themselves as the “center of the universe” and believe (or wish) that the world revolves around them. This self-admiration can cause them to focus strongly on the image they present to others and work to maintain it in the best light possible.

Narcissists tend to be well-protected against attacks to their ego. Channeling this self-admiration gives them a strong belief in themselves and an ability to tolerate failure that others may not have so readily. A thick skin and a strong belief in one’s self can help a narcissist be seen as a motivator and a positive thinker who is driven and believes in himself

Deeper Look In The Mindset Of A Narcissist




Scoring high on qualities such as deception, self-interest, and control. Machiavellians are the masters of manipulation and behaves as such to achieve life goals.

The word machiavellianism, one of the three dark triad personality traits, often conjures up images of someone who is unethical and shrewd – who makes decisions without regard for others and engages in corrupt, even illegal practices in order to get ahead. While this view is popular with the media there are in fact a number of ways in which the machiavellian personality actually benefits individuals.

A machiavellian personality would rather be the only one to escape a sinking ship than to drown with the rest. They see the world as a game and understand that they need to pay attention to their place on the board in order to survive and thrive.

One area Machiavellian personalities excel is leadership. People who are Machiavellian are especially skilled at recognizing the motivation of others and how it overlaps with their own, which can ensure their own survival where others will fall.

Deeper Look In The Mindset Of A Machiavellian




Scoring the highest in impulsiveness, selfish behavior, antisocial behavior, and lack of remorse. Psychopaths have a high sense of grandiosity and even manipulativeness that can be used to exploit and control situations as needed.

Psychopathy is perhaps one of the most misunderstood traits in the entire field of psychology.  Psychopaths don’t have to murder people to get a sense of power and control in their life. Instead, they can show themselves as strong and dominant leaders who are ambitious and aiming for the top spot of the ladder.

The ability to be pleasant and charming on a dime is another extremely valuable quality that many psychopaths possess. Whether it’s negotiating a business deal or impressing a hiring manager psychopaths have learned what they need to do in order to get what they want in the simplest way possible.

Deeper Look In The Mindset Of A Psychopath



To get a much deeper understand, be sure to check out more about it here:

Dark Triad Personality Sitemap


Where did you score on the dark triad personality test?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Ivan Throne says:

    Welcome addition to bring more notice to the benefits of the dark triad of personality.

    My scores are in the high 90th percentiles, but that’s not unexpected…



  2. Teodoro Mcgillivray says:

    So, with this test, I’ll be attempting to pool together what psychological testing resources I could find to determine how much you embody the three aspects of the Dark Triad. Depending on what you want out of life, it might be a fantastic thing to have a high score.

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