Why Not Morning Sex?

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Why Not Morning Sex?

morning sex

They say that waking up next to your partner, feeling their body heat wrapped around you and getting a ‘good morning’ kiss are a trifecta to kick start your day. We’re here to challenge that claim for something even better. While morning kisses are great, morning sex is even greater. Any man who wakes up with a boner – which is every man – will welcome the chance of a morning nookie just before your start your day.

So how do you sell it to her and have her agree that morning sex is a splendid idea? Here’s how.


  1. It’s a viable form of exercise.

Well, we all know that sex gets you moving and that means burning all those extra calories you don’t need. But do you know just exactly how much you are burning?

Studies show that the following bedroom escapades can burn these amounts of calories: (1) 30 minutes of making out can burn 240 calories; (2) an hour of hand jobs can burn 100 calories; (3) a half hour of oral sex can burn 100 calories – should we go on? – (4) kissing can burn 40 calories per 30 minutes; and (5) sex can burn 150 calories every 30 minutes.

You’re literally burning calories while enjoying yourself. Just how many types of exercise can you say the same?


  1. It releases endorphins.

Sex (and exercise) release endorphins which triggers your happy and positive thoughts. The more you have sex, the more endorphins are released which would basically make you a constantly positive person. An endorphin boost in the morning is also not such a bad idea.


  1. You’re practically half-way there.

Unless you sleep fully clothed with your work clothes, you are mostly half naked when you go to sleep which means you are also half naked when you wake up – with “just woke up” body heat, might we add. You just need to take the rest of the clothes off and get your good morning sex going.


  1. It’s an effective substitute for coffee.

An orgasm can increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain which can activate your senses and wake your body up fully. An orgasm also activates nutrients in the body and boosts them to perform their tasks. Whereas coffee can wake you up, but without the ASG (after sex glow) which, might we add, makes a naturally positive glow. Thus, there is no need for coffee.


  1. If it’s morning sex, it’s a quickie.

It’s like kissing your better half ‘good morning’ when you wake up. Only this time, you make an extra effort which is both for your benefit too. It’s not going to be like one of your long, hot and steamy nights (or it depends, you can still do that if you want), so you can make it quick and prepare for work right after.


  1. The big “O” to start your day.

Morning sex means morning “O”. Need we say more?


Set the alarm thirty minutes before the time you need to need to get up. Use this time to cuddle, spoon, kiss and get your dose of morning sex.


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