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Top Rated Sex Positions for Her Pleasure

sex positions for her

While you probably already know all the sex positions that can give you maximum pleasure, it can quite possibly be a different story for your girl. Sure, she likes the sex (loves it even), but has it ever been as mind-numbing for her as it was for you that she practically holds on to the bed post just so she does not collapse from the intense pleasure? Are your sex positions for her complete and utter satisfaction?

If your answer is yes, good on you, mate. If you’re a little reluctant, we’re here to teach you sex positions for her that you should try tonight to guarantee her intense and eye-rolling pleasure.


The Woman on Top

A classic sex position. You’re probably thinking how you can claim this when she’s obviously the one on top. We’ll give it a twist. Your woman sits up and straddles you, hence the woman on top, but instead of her moving, hold her waist steady and move hard and fast from below. The small room for your movement will make the pumping harder and more intense. With your other hand, guide her hand to her vagina and you both play with her clitoris for added pleasure to make her orgasm long and hard.


The Simple Coital Position

A lot of men think that vanilla sex is no good. You’re thinking wrong. Always the best and easiest way to move inside her with deep penetration is while she lies down. You enter her that way while her legs are raised on both sides of your waist, straddling you. What starts as a missionary position, you can use the easy access to do all kinds of movements – circular, deep penetration, rough sex – the variety will bring her to the brink fast and hard.


The Doggy Style

It’s the most popular sex position that can give your girl intense pleasure, only because it’s true. Doggy style has always been a fan favorite. We don’t even need to give you blow by blow instructions on how to do it. You just do it and do it good.


On the Table

Sometimes, all you need is a change of scene and venue – the riskier to get caught, the better. Place her on the table, with her entrance on the edge, and have her legs rest on your shoulders while you pump her that way. You can go slow or fast, the broad exposure of your sex will turn her on even more.


The 69

Yup, it’s not always about penis-vagina penetration to make her come undone. In fact, letting her come using your tongue is an erotic and intense orgasm that will have her asking for more. Be sure to lick, flick and suck that vagina well.


If you have already tried any of these sex positions for her, then you might want to give it a little tweak and add some finger action to make her climax more intense. We guarantee a night full of love-making and extreme pleasure as she clamors to get another one of those powerful orgasms which, of course, you will be most generous to give.


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Got a position you think she likes more? Let us know in the comments below


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