Things to Do in Moscow, Russia

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Things to Do in Moscow, Russia


Things to Do in Moscow, Russia

We’ve recently came back from a visit to Moscow to see what the hype was all about and it’s definitely worth the trip if you’ve never visited the Eastern European region. Even though we did some pre-planning prior to leaving the airport we still got with the locals to make sure we had our list ready for the week during the day and night. And let’s just say for the week we’ve spent in Moscow, it was damn worth it. Here’s our list of top things to do in Moscow.


Take a look at our list if you ever get a chance to visit Moscow, the capital city of Russia that never sleeps.


Thing to Do in Moscow during the Daytime

things to do in moscowThe Red Square: We love art and being indulged in different cultures around the world and if you’re interested in history, art, and culture as well then you have to visit the Red Square. This is the main and most famous square in Moscow and in Russia generally, the arena of many important historical events, as well as it’s a place of mass demonstrations and parades. While you’re there, there are small chances of meeting some of their native Moscow citizens, only if they are returning from night clubs or in the New Year.

On the north part of Red Square you could find the Historical Museum, in the south part you could also visit Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

GUM & TSUM Shopping district: GUM (Pronounced Goom) takes almost all the opposite side of the Kremlin and is a luxury shopping center. If your goal is to spend thousands of dollars in a few hours then this is the place to be, after GUM you can go across the street to the TSUM (Pronounced Tsoom), another luxury over-the-top shopping center.

As you can see Red Square gathered many attractions in one place. Another famous and must have to do in Moscow is visiting such places as the Bolshoi Theatre and Lenin Mausoleum.


Thing to Do in Moscow at Night 

After checking out the Kremlin, enjoyed some historical excursions, and spending our money at the GUM & TSUM, we’ve finally decided to check out the night scene in Moscow. As we remembered what the locals told us… Moscow never sleeps, so there are many more interesting things to do in Moscow for us at night than during the daytime.

Moscow – is the place, where every night is like a Friday night. This city has thousands of night clubs and bars, they are in high demand and are wild in popularity. Each scene is different and there’s something for everyone’s taste.

London Club: Easily one of the most popular night clubs in Moscow. You could easily meet their local celebrities or some famous clubbers.

Ray Just Arena Club: Is one of the best places for electric music fans and widely recommended by the locals. You can dance and enjoy live music.

Babylon Club: An amazing night club with a restaurant for those who also like to smoke hookah.

It’s normal for tourist and even for locals to go bar/club hopping during the night from one club to another so be ready to visit more than one spot per night and to enjoy the scenery while you’re at it.

For that that aren’t into dancing or clubbing, there are many other options going on at night such as the local concerts or festivals.


Thing to Do in Moscow as an Actual Tourist

things to do in moscow 3

After shopping in GUM, TSUM, and the journey through Moscow’s night life, we decided to take it easy to see what local attractions they have for the scenery and experience. You know, like an actual tourist is supposed to do.

Vorobievy Hills: We started with our free Moscow tour in Vorobievy Hills. It’s an unusual city and the river view opens a beautiful scenery and awesome nature. All this will boost your mood for a long time and any city point you wanted to view could be seen with binoculars that are free of charge to use.

Tretyakov Gallery: An art gallery that displays a unique collection of Russian art. The art gallery is free to view every Wednesday according to the locals but we happened to miss it and went on a Thursday.

Old Arbat (A.k.a Arbat Street): One of the most interesting things we’ve done in Moscow was walking through the Old Arbat Street. It’s very crowded on the Old Arbat and gives a familiar feeling like going through Bourbon Street in New Orleans as there are lots of people who are dancing, singing, and creating shows for the crowds viewing pleasure.

Other things to do: There are numerous small museums and theaters that are open for free. You could even develop some new or existing hobbies by trying their free master classes or just walk through some of Moscow’s courtyard and gardens.


Our visit was well worth it and yours will be too if you make room to visit some of things in our list above. There’s plenty of things to do in Moscow during the day and at night so be sure to fill your schedules up so you don’t miss any opportunities while you’re there.


What were some things to do in Moscow when you’ve visited? Let us know in the comments below!

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