Host a Pre-Party Like No Other

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Host a Pre-Party Like No Other

host a pre-party

Host a Pre-Party Like No Other

You’ve worked hard all week, got your grind on during the day, and planned for a big night out with your friends at a venue you’ve all been looking forwards to for days.  By providing your friends with a pre-party spot to relax and prepare will definitely display more value to your pad and yourself as a sort of second hand host to any event.  Anybody can host a pre-party for their group but in order to get the most out of it you will need to properly setup your pad to be pregame ready as well as setting the correct atmospheric environment to get everybody riled up.

Before you host a pre-party, knock down these list of essentials and you’re sure to pull off an effective pregame party for any event.



  1. Keep your space clean

This really shouldn’t be on the list but you’ll be surprised how many pre-party spots we’ve been to where the host doesn’t put too much time into cleaning their place.  They just assume that having a bottle of Hennessy and passing it around is enough.  Having a clean living space means that your guests will be more comfortable with your pad which should be first priority.  Everybody makes a first impression when they bring guests over for the first time and you always need to be spot on in this department.

  • Clean and vacuum your floor/carpet beforehand
  • Lay out some carpet scent before you vacuum or light some scented candles so your place doesn’t smell like your pet or worse.
  • Re-arrange the furniture so your guests have room to sit and relax, keep all table tops clean, and make sure your trash can is emptied out
  • A cramped entryway is extra annoying, just imagine walking through a minefield but with shoes. None of that. Keep the entryway as clear


  1. Get the poison ready

Obviously you can’t have a pregame party without alcohol but you really need to provide options to your guests when they come over.  As mentioned above, getting your guests comfortable is important and sometimes you’ll just have some people over who prefers this over that. and if you only have one type of alcohol then you’re inadvertently giving that person a take it or leave it ultimatum which is a stressful choice between having fun with the crowd or being left out.

  • Don’t be that host: Have at least one option of Whisky, Vodka, Gin, and Tequila available
  • With beer you can be a little more relaxed. At least 2-3 options of beer should be available to your guests. We usually go for Heineken, Blue Moon, Shock Top, Dos Equis, Shiner, BL Platinum, or Coronas. You can’t go wrong with those
  • Have a couple of drink mixes & chasers on hand so your guests can have fun experimenting with mixology.  Better yet, having a small mixology book on hand and mixes available is guaranteed to provide entertainment and spark visible interest
  • Have a convenient watering hole.  Once you purchased beer, make a spot near the entertainment space where beer can be easily accessible. Clear out a mini fridge and reposition it, use a cooler, large tub full of ice, or warm beer with a bucket or ice and disposable cups on hand is better than making your guests travel back and forth to the fridge all night.



  1. Host a pre-party by setting the atmosphere right

Having drinks available and a clean pad is technically enough to host a pre-party but you’re better than that right? We’d like to think so, having the right kind of music playing in the background is a must have and it’s always good to play the same music genre to the event that you’ll be going to.

  • Have a list of music ready beforehand. Either have it setup with the easy genius playlist on iTunes, spotify, or a youtube mix is sufficient. Try to keep clear of playlists with commercial breaks as you want to keep a constant flow of music going
  • Keep it simple and play the same genre.  Everyone should be vibing with the music since the event you’re going to is the same genre
  • A good stereo really makes a difference. Don’t be lame and use your phone in the middle of the living room inside a large cup as speakers, get some good quality speakers and blast it to a good volume. Sound check as needed



  1. Don’t limit to just sitting and drinking

There’s a reason why people are gathering at your spot to predrink. Everyone expects to start vibing early as well as getting a few drinks in before going to the event.  To ensure that your guests are having a good time, laughing, and encouraged to drink more at a relaxed pace, make some activities set up to help break the ice and get everyone comfortably settled in.  Drinking games are the best way to get people settled in and drinking together socially.  The best part about drinking games is that regardless if you win or lose, everyone drinks. Even the quiet ones that are new to the group will be willing to join the fun.

  • You can never go wrong with beer pong or flip cup. Make space and arrange as needed
  • Get a deck of cards and leave it in your living room. There are plenty of card games that involves drinking such as kings cup. Check out this list for ideas
  • Video Games: We’re not talking about Call of Duty or any two player games but party games that everyone can play or be entertained with. The Wii has unlimited options for party games and whats better is that it involves endless entertainment for everyone
  • For the best results, have all three available and let your guests take their pick





  1. Optional things that can add value when you host a pre-party

Once you knock out the essential mentioned above it won’t hurt to have some of the extras that can further spice up your pre-party. See below

  • A Hookah aka. waterpipe, narghile, arghila, qalyān, shisha with multiple flavored tobacco
  • Snacks for something to munch on
  • Additional festivities
  • Your pet – No need to hide your pet unless you have a snake or something dangerous, chances are your guest will be all over your furry friend if it’s friendly




There you have it

With all the essentials knocked down all you have to do is set a time to have your guests over. As a host, the pressure will be on you to provide enough entertainment for your guests and to encourage drinking to get everyone on a good level. If you’re having a huge guest list and don’t want to spend your entire paycheck on alcohol then have your guests contribute by bringing their own beverage of their choice or pitch in a bit for the alcohol.   All it takes is some initiation in drinking and pretty much everything else will fall in place before you know it.


What do you normally do when you host a pre-party? Let us know in the comments below!


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