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The Best Hair Vitamins for Fast Hair Growth

best hair vitamins

Thinning Hair? Here’s A List Of The Best Hair Vitamins For Your Hair

Who doesn’t want a full and healthy head of hair? With so many remedies and quick-fix gimmicks out there, it’s hard to know what is scientifically proven to help restore hair growth. This article will break it down simply for you so you can evaluate and find products that are best for you.

Dr Larry Shapiro of helphair.com shares some insight about some of the best hair vitamins you can start taking to bring back that full set of hair.


Important Vitamins for Hair Growth

Vitamin B  are a group of vitamins that when dosed properly such as Biotin (Vitamin B7/Vitamin H) and Niacin (Vitamin B3) are necessary for  proper hair growth. To maintain healthy, full, long hair with less shedding and breakage you need to  provide the nutrients your hair needs with a well  balanced diet with these essential vitamins for hair growth. These hair vitamins work to increase the anagen phase which is the growing phase of the hair follicle. By taking these daily they will promote healthy hair and mazimize the longest, thickest and fastest possible hair growth.


Vitamins to Prevent Male Pattern Baldness

A hair vitamin with the proper ratio of B vitamins, Zinc, Mg, and Chinese herbs such as Foti and Pumpkin seed will help nourish hair from the root , help prevent hair loss and change the existing hair loss or catagen into a growth phase or anagen. With men, the androgen hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can cause male pattern baldness and another hormone, called IGF-1, can prevent hair growth by increasing a molecule called TGF-B3. TGF-B3  which affects the length and width of the hair shaft and the supply of nutrients to the hair follicle. These can be established factors in men’s hair loss.

Men who have receding hairlines should take vitamins for hair growth as a supplement along with the proper nutrition that they need to help prevent hair loss and help nourish hair follicles. This is the reason we suggest following our Hand-outs to decrease DHT and IGF-1. Most companies on the market sell supplements without actually having seen the affects in the real world. Our products have been used on 1000’s of patients successfully with our Worldwide Hair Clinics using them for thinning hair, menopausal hair loss, post pregnancy hair loss, Telogen effluvium, male pattern baldness, without the side effects of oral or topical medications.


How Biotin Helps Hair Grow

Biotin is amongst one of the best hair vitamins commonly used for hair, skin, & nails.  Biotin is also know as a B-vitamin complex  called Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H. Most companies that make biotin have very little understanding of the actual reason biotin works for hair growth. Extensive research has shown that biotin controls blood sugar and that proper blood sugar levels decrease IGF-1 serum. Since Biotin is water soluble it has a very short half life in the body so it passes through your body in a matter of hours. Proper daily dosing is essential which is the reason we have certain guidelines we have you follow.

It’s important to seek out professional guidance before starting a hair treatment remedy because there are many nuances to these routines. For example, biotin is in many foods and even chopped liver has a good dose of it. But for those of you who want the daily proper dosing of Biotin we suggest taking vitamins with the maximum effective dose.There are foods that decrease the absorption of Biotin.


Pumpkin Seed and Healthy Hair

Pumpkin seed is a natural DHT blocker and several studies has shown it to be quite effective in blocking the hormone that miniaturizes hair making it one of the best hair vitamins to control hair thinning. Once the hair is miniaturized by the DHT molecule is can be irreversible. The hair shaft narrows and thins and the hair cycle shortens. The hair looks thin, limp and the hair starts to fall out. Pumpkin seed has been shown to help prostrate problems which becomes enlarged from DHT. So pumpkin seed acts as a DHT blocker. Fortunately there are no side effects of pumpkin seed as seen with the prescription oral medications. Many side effects of prescription DHT blocker oral medications are lack of sexual drive, and decreased libido. Pumpkin seed has been shown to be effective in both men and women.


Effectiveness of Hair Supplements

Hair vitamins have treated 1000’s of hair loss patients with all the vitamins and minerals to promote existing hair growth. Using the proper ratio of B’s and essential elements to supply hair follicles with the proper nutrients to nourish the  hair follicle. We have over a 100 Worldwide clinics that support our products and have patients that have successfully been treated when conventionally therapies have failed.

Using the Low Anabolic Profile the consumer can remove supplements that cause hair loss. Unlike any other product online we have made it clear to both clinics and patients that even with the most effective treatment, screening for aggravating hair loss products and eliminating them from your diet will help the efficacy of hair products.

Changing the cycle of the hair growth with key nutrients to make your hair look thicker, fuller, and healthier is part of our overall program. By eliminating hair damaging products the products can work at their optimal and best usage. We have a Hand out to help guide you to Better Hair Health.


Hair Shedding

Every day stress can cause an increase in cortisol levels. This leads to an increase in IGF-1 serum which is a major factor in hair loss. Depleted adrenals from hormonal changes or from damaging hair do to blow dryers, and hair treatments can damage hair including the hair shaft. This can cause excessive breakage. Hair vitamins help maintain a healthy and conditioned scalp by supplying essential nutrients to the hair follicle and hair shaft. Keeping the hair follicle in the growth phase or manageable levels will allow your hair to grow healthy and fuller.

Age related hair loss from menopause or medications such as Beta Blockers or Statins for cholesterol can have an adverse impact on hair growth. Trying to decrease shedding and breakage will require the daily usage of hair vitamins resulting in overcoming stressful events in life such as general surgery, plastic surgery or poor nutrition.


Side Effects

If used properly, some of the best hair vitamins have very few to no side effects. We suggest checking product labels carefully and calling customer service. Before starting any program check with your doctor. If you are allergic to shellfish then you might be allergic to iodine. Individual’s tolerate products differently but we are here to answer your questions. are different. We do do not recommend our product to pregnant or lactating women or children under 17 years old.


Speed of Hair Growth

Best hair vitamins work from the inside to nourish the hair follicle. Telogen Effluvium is a condition that disrupts the hair growth cycle and can be caused by anemia, low thyroid, high blood sugar or other metabolic causes.

If these conditions are corrected they hair growth in the follicle can still be disrupted so hair vitamins can correct the out of phase catagen cycle and restore it to anagen phase. But this can take two months, working inside the body to build up in the system, and typically the hair shedding is reduced and it may take up to 6 months for maximum hair growth. Some cases may take longer if the underlying problems like blood sugar remains uncorrected. We suggest seeing your doctor to correct these problems.

Hair is typically slower to restore since hair grows at a very slow rate. The hair vitamins nourish the hair follicle and enter the bloodstream and once the attained hair growth is reached then many of our customers will use our treatment as a maintenance dose so that there hair remains at the desired density.


Best Hair Vitamins

Many people lack the proper nutrients in their diet to get proper hair growth, In fact many people take products that cause hair loss. In fact some every day foods cause hair loss.To get a well balanced diet we suggest B vitamins, including Biotin, Niacin for hair growth. And many minerals help with hair growth which are not provided by your multi-vitamin. So using a hair supplement with a balanced diet can optimize your hair growth.

If you are not getting the proper nutrition in your daily diet , we suggest adding protein, vitamins, and minerals which can have a positive impact on hair growth. Vitamins are the only all natural alternative to hair growth supplements to promote existing hair growth. Certain products have all the essential vitamins properly balanced for optimal hair growth.

Vitamins were developed with the maximum amount per serving of essential minerals and B-vitamins. These vitamins include Biotin( Vitamin H) and Niacin ( B3) for essential fast hair growth. The proper ratio of B vitamins wth Iodine and Zinc and natural botanicals such as Pumpkin seed, Silica, and Foti provide the essential nutrients your hair needs to maintain a well balanced daily nutrition for hair growth. These vitamins  promote healthy hair and will help dull, lifeless thin hair.


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