Support Paris With More Than The Meme

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Support Paris With More Than The Meme

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Here’s The Scoop and How You Can Support Paris Following The Recent Attacks

The entire world grew silent following the attack that stuck Paris. From what we know, there has been as much as seven coordinated attacks that left over 130 fatalities and over 350 that has been injured. Blood donation centers all over the Paris has opened and there has been people lining up that stretches as far as the eyes can see in order to give blood to the injured and those in need.

Time To Shift Our Focus

While numerous new articles and updates are coming out by the hour regarding the recent attack, we believe it’s time to focus on recovery and what we can do to assist the injured and the families that has been affected.

Following the attack, numerous French aid centers, international aiding services, and even small businesses nearby has shifted their focus on helping the victims and those affected by the attack.

For those that want to do more in helping the people recover can see how you can support Paris below.


The French Red Cross

Though their website is in French, it’s no doubt the one place that needs to be mentioned for anyone who wants to assist them directly.  For those that want to take a dive into donating to them directly we advise you either have someone who can read French or use google translate which does a pretty good job translating the entire page to get you to where you need to be (donation page, etc).

Donate Here: The French Red Cross

Webpage Translate Assistance: Google Translate


Secours Populaire Francais

Secours populaire has helped victims of insecurity, poverty, natural disasters and conflicts both in France and across all continents. Though now their shift are for the victims of the recent attack. Through their message on twitter they vow to assist those in need.

Their Message: Here

Contact and Donate Here: Secours Populaire Francais

Their Website:


#PorteOuverte & #StrandedinUS

Porte Ouverte meaning “Open Door” in French is a French movement where the French locals are opening doors to stranded tourist following the closure of all public and international transportation.  If you know someone who is stranded whether visiting Paris or even native Parisians in other countries who were scheduled to return home but are unable to should look out for sheltering opportunities by following the #PorteOuverte signs.  #StrandedinUS is the exact same but for Parisians that are stuck in the country unable to return home.  If you have a space to provide then let them know by throwing those hashtags out in public.


AirBnB Housing

Home owners that regularly rent out space on AirBnB can also assist those by visiting the disaster relief program that they have setup.

AirBnB Disaster Relief: Disaster Response

Message: AirBnB Message


We at Modern Playboys show support for all national and international disasters as best we could.  Support Paris when they need it and continue showing strength when they need it the most.

support paris


Stand Strong, Stand United.



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