Quit Your Job? Here’s What To Do Next

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Quit Your Job? Here’s What To Do Next

quit your job

Follow Up With These If You’ve Just Quit Your Job

Usually every job starts well, you feel enthusiastic about meeting new people, doing the things you like and getting paid for it. Whether your job atmosphere has gotten toxic or if you feel the need to leave for whatever reason then don’t be afraid just yet if you don’t have anything lined up.  Whether you’re looking to jump right back in, keep peace with your office, or start a venture on your own, be sure to go through our list to see what’s best for your situation.

So you decided to quit your job? Here’s what you should do next.



Stay On Good Terms With Your Boss And Coworkers

No matter what the reason for leaving your job is you should stay on good terms with your boss. Remember that he might be someone who is influential and can make it harder for you to find a new job if your new place decides to take a reference call to your old employment. Thank everyone for the help and support and simply be polite to them, you never know if they may have a lead for you in a related field or might be able to assist you in any way.


Keep Trash Talking To Zero

It’s common that employees talk bad about their ex-employers and companies when it comes to why they may have left. Try to avoid this, especially if you are on an interview for a new job.  Trash talking is looked down upon and your new employer may think you might do the same if you leave their company.  On a related note, previous employers may also decide to talk negatively about you if they are called upon for a reference.  They are entitled to their own opinions but if they talk falsely about you then that’s a different story. Read more about the Employee Reference Law: Defamation of Character here.


Immediately Keep Your Application Information To Date

If you are applying for a new job then you’d need to immediately keep your resume up to date while everything is still fresh. Get some new recommendations, preferably from coworkers/supervisors from your previous job, update your Linkdin, work on your cover letter,  brush up on your interview skills, everything.


Take A Short Vacation

You need a break, especially if you had a stressful job that requires a consistent 40 hour work schedule, or you’ve worked for years and years for the same company. You need to recharge your batteries before you start a new journey and take this time to think about your next course of action.  If you have funds available to use then take a two week break and visit another part of the world.  Give some time to dissociate yourself from your regular work-life routine  after you quit your job and you’ll begin to open up to new ideas once you return.


Make A Plan

Quitting or losing your job is often times unexpected so it’s important to plan out your next course of action. Take all the rest and relaxation you need, but after a while you have to decide exactly what you want to do next and the necessary steps to achieve it.

The interesting thing about quitting your job is that you’ll start from square one (minus the workplace experience), so you’ll have many different routes to choose.

  • Related Employment Career Route
  • New Field Employment Route
  • Freelancer Route
  • School/Education Route
  • Start Up Business/Entrepreneurship
  • Partnership/Investments

This is your chance to start fresh, decide which one you want to take and list a plan of action to get the ball rolling.


Time is Valuable: Use Your Free Time Wisely

Don’t get too comfortable Just because you’re no longer employed at your workplace.  The success of your personal and professional life depends on what you do with your free time so take commitment in doing things that will generate a positive return.  Work on building credentials, apply for job positions you’d like to be employed in, or take on a project that has potential to generate revenue. Even positive hobbies are good to participate in.  Time is valuable, keep lounging to a minimum.


Be Productive

Find something that you can do and stop feeling unaccomplished with your time. Do something productive that gives you a feeling of accomplishment and build something that will generating results so you won’t feel like you’re wasting time.  The biggest pitfall in any unemployment state is not being productive.


Not everything is lost once you quit your job. There are certain things you can do that will keep you moving forward to a better career and a better future.

Have an idea that should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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