Top 8 Places To Visit in Bangkok, Thailand

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Top 8 Places To Visit in Bangkok, Thailand

places to visit in bangkok

Top 8 Places To Visit In Bangkok, Thailand

Having been named one of the best cities in the world to vacation in, finding things to do in Bangkok is a breeze with the cities many attractions and entertainment centers. For this list, we’ll mention some of the top things to do in Bangkok so you’ll be able to experience everything you need to get your fix in this vibrant and lively city.

For some of the places to visit in Bangkok, first on our list would be the venues.

Bangkok Cinemas

places to visit in bangkokCourtesy [Bangkok]

Bangkok has some of the best internationally recognized cinemas in the world, which are modern and have lounges and seats similar to first class travel on airplanes. You are provided with complimentary snacks and beverages, with waiters ready to wait on you. Some cinemas have seats that recline and even come with blankets and pillows like the Enigma Cinema (Preview). This is an experience that definitely shouldn’t be missed.

Muay Thai Stadiums


Muay Thai is a very popular sport in Thailand and the best fights take place in Bangkok. Visit the Ratchadamneon Stadium or the Lumpini Stadium during the evenings for tickets to an authentic match.


The Ancient City

Ancient City BangkokCourtesy [selamtamagazine]

The Ancient City museum claims to be the largest outdoor museum in the world and consists of replicas of the famous buildings and monuments of Thailand. This museum covers a staggering 280 acres and is built in the shape of Thailand itself.  If this city sounds like your cup of tea, Flights from things to do in Bangkok operate on a regular schedule, and can be purchased from your travel agent or even online Shopping and Dining


Bangkok Floating Markets

Bangkok Floating Market

All you need to do is drive out and head towards the port. Yes, that’s right. You can shop whatever you want from Bangkok’s famous floating market. You can shop at the Damneon Sudak Floating and at the Tailing Chan Floating Market. So when you feel like buying souvenirs for your loved ones, why not look for the items at these one of a kind markets?



Explore The Scenery

Visit The Temples (aka Wats)

Wat Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok is home to some of the most beautiful Buddhist temples, known as ‘Wats’, in the world. Magnificent statues of gold and fresco paintings adorn the interiors of these temples. If you’re finding places to visit in Bangkok during the day then it’s best to start your pilgrimage with a tour of the famous Emerald Buddha, and the neighboring Wat Pho, which is home to the famous statue of the reclining Buddha. For a bird’s-eye view of the city, head to the top of the Wat Arun.


Tour the Chao Phraya River

places to visit in bangkok

Courtesy [Flickr]

Explore the waterways of the city by boat. This is often regarded by visitors as the most rewarding experience the city has to offer. Take a relaxing tour of the Chao Phraya River for stunning views of the city. Visit the floating market just outside the city for a shopping adventure. Although prices are inflated for tourists, you can find some delicious meals here.


Eat Like The Locals



Avoid the tourist centric restaurants and eat like the locals. The delicious Thai cuisine makes best use of fresh herbs, seafood and meat and is a culinary delight. The street stalls are your best bet for truly authentic Thai fare. If you are not content with the substandard selection of Thai food in your country, a cheap flight to Bangkok is all you need to experience the best of Thai food. There are street food stalls everywhere in Bangkok so be sure to try out anything that gets your attention.


Visit Ko Samet Beach

places to visit in bangkok


Go for a beach break to Ko Samet, an islet in Rayong province. The sand here is gorgeous, and the clear waters are a rich emerald hue.


Ready to hit the town when the sun goes down? Don’t miss our Bangkok Nightlife Guide locating the hottest clubs, bars, and additional venues you have to visit at night.

Bangkok Nightlife Guide


Got a place you think should be included in our top 8 places to visit in Bangkok?  Let us know in the comments below
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