Paleo Weight Loss – The Ultimate Masculine Diet

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Paleo Weight Loss – The Ultimate Masculine Diet

paleo weight loss

What would you say if I told you that you could be just like a Paleolithic man… minus lice and lack of toilets! What I actually mean to say is that you can be as fit as guys used to be before the era of trans fats, soda and fast food. How?


Time To Go PALEO!

Wendy’s has been around for 47 years. Homo sapiens? Roughly 4,255 times as long. This subtle contrast is the difference between the way our bodies are reacting to current lifestyle trends, which diet is a huge part of. In the past, diabetes wasn’t an entry on the hunter-gatherers’ list of problems and neither was excessive weight gain. So why not safely follow in the footsteps of our ancestors?


They Say “Cut Down On Fat”?

Paleo says: “no way”! For years, scientists have focused on convincing us that we should base our caloric intake on carbohydrates, the macronutrient found in foods such as grains. But think about it for a second – back in the day, humans didn’t eat bread at all. It was all meat, fish, some more meat and the few things you could pick up from the ground. Several months a year, fruit were available. No one dreamt of breakfast cereal. Some scientists claim agriculture to be “the worst mistake of human history”… So rejoice – meat is back in vogue!


Paleo Weight Loss

You may think there’s no way to lose weight if your dietary focus is fat and protein. However, just remember the last time you ate a bowl of cereal. For how long did it keep you full? The food that Paleo recommends may be more caloric, but it is also more filling. Eating finger-licking stuff that leaves me satisfied, but also helps shed the extra pounds? Sign me up!

To eat like an ancient human, but also have a vitamin intake worthy of a modern playboy, you should still eat a lot of vegetables; worry not, though, it’s now that meat, fish, seafood and all things tasty come into play. After veggies, they should form the second biggest part of your plate. You can also eat seasonal fruit; your perfect go-to snack are nuts.


What To Avoid

For sustainable paleo weight loss, which will also be a blessing for your health, you should avoid all processed foods. There’s no place in your pantry for grains, sugary treats, and starchy foods – no beans or white potatoes. If you want to take paleo seriously, you should also, unfortunately, try to fend off the temptation to grab a beer after work. Luckily, spirits, wine, and cider are all paleo-friendly. Just remember that alcohol has a lot of calories and is so easy to gulp down that it can hamper your attempts at getting fit.


The Tasty Part

Now you know how it looks theoretically, but the truly amazing part about paleo weight loss is how delicious it can be. Just take a look at some examples of meals that land on paleo veterans’ tables:

  • Spicy Cashew Beef with Sweet Potato Noodles

paleo weight loss 3



  • Bruschetta Chicken with Zucchini “Pasta”

paleo weight loss 2

  • Paleo Fruit N’ Nut Bars

paleo weight loss 1



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Did you try a paleo weight loss diet in the past?  How did it work for you?  Let us know in the comments below!


Agnieszka Twardosz
Agnieszka Twardosz

An aspiring author still in the middle of her studies, Agnieszka’s been interested in nutrition for years. Having lost 25% body weight, she shares her experience via informative articles that are actually fun to read.

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