Nightlife Attire: Dressing Like a Playboy At Any Venue

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Nightlife Attire: Dressing Like a Playboy At Any Venue

nightlife attire

Nightlife Attire: The Essentials To Looking Your Best

When it comes to nightlife attire there’s always the big question on what to wear and how to dress depending on the venue you’ll be hitting up.  For this section we will focus on 4 of the most common types of venues that the average man will be attending based on a city environment and these dress attires will always be allowed no matter where you go.  

Before we cover the dress attires you will need to make sure that your clothes are tailored to fit well on your body and that you take on a slim fit or something close to it.  Get your pants hemmed to the perfect cut and make sure your button ups are at a good arms length and tight enough to feel snug around your torso but loose enough so you’re not suffocating or uncomfortable.  

The more fit your clothes look, the more well-put together you will look compared to someone who doesn’t give a shit.


Onto the venues. Skip straight to the section of your choice if you’re in a rush and need a quick guide

  1. Bar & Bar Hopping Scene
  2. Night Clubs, Latino Clubs & Any Dance Club Scenes
  3. Professional Social Events
  4. Rave & Festival Scene


1) Bar & Bar Hopping Scene

Going out to a bar or bar hopping is a pretty casual night out but you will need to put in some effort in your choice of clothing to look stylish and dapper.  Below is a list of essential clothing based on how the weather feels and climate.

Chilly & Cold : 68° – lower

  • Top: Button up – Any casual design or solid is fine
  • Coat: Leather Jacket / Casual Blazer / Casual Peacoat / Any Wool Coat
  • Bottom: Slim fit jeans preferably opposite wash from your top  (Dark top, light wash jeans and vice versa)
  • Shoes: Dress Shoes – This will ensure you will gain access as some bars don’t allow sneakers.

*We will note that some bars are extremely casual and will allow (and even encourage) casual clothing such as a tank and shorts and even Jordans.  Just be sure you get a hint before diving in unknowingly and being denied access due to dress code violation.


Nice & Warm: 69° – Hotter

Same as above without the Coat.  Go for a much more casual look by rolling up your sleeves, wearing a short sleeved button up, or just go for a polo.  The bar scene is the perfect middle ground between a super casual attired event and a professional attired one. Think of it as going business casual but you’re actually dressing to impress.


2) Night Clubs, Latino Clubs, & Any Dance Club Scene

Nightlife attire at dance clubs will be very similar to the bar scene except you’ll be showing off a more sexual vibe in your dress attire by showing off a bit more skin and wearing more dressy tops to attract the ladies in the room.

As mentioned above:

  • Top: Button up – Nice solid or patterned design.  Go for a more dressy look than casual
  • Bottom: Slim fit jeans preferably opposite wash from your top  (Dark top, light wash jeans and vice versa)
  • Shoes: Dress Shoes – This will ensure you will gain access as most clubs don’t allow sneakers.

The difference?  It’s going to be hot and dark in the club. Roll up your sleeves to show off your forearm, unbutton the top of your shirt, and wear a slightly more flashy/dressy top to capture their attention.  The club will be hot and you will be dancing (assuming you won’t be standing at the bar the whole time) so just keep that in mind.  Some places offer a coat check to check-in your coat but if it’s cold and the venue doesn’t have a coat check option then it’s better to just leave your coat in the car. It’s not worth carrying it around with you all night and you’ll look silly holding it while you dance.



3) Professional Social Events

Professional social events are more in the topic of ballroom events, professional gathering, banquets, or any custom events that are held in a reception hall.  Chances are you’ll need to be dressing up in a well trimmed matching suit with accessories to look the part.

If you really want to go all out (which we recommend you do for these events) be sure to follow this checklist below:

  • Solid Button up
  • Fully custom tailed suit which should be matching blazer and pants
  • Vest
  • Narrow Toe Dress Shoes, Gloss
  • Pocket Square
  • Leather Band Watch
  • Cuff Links


4) Raves & Music Festival Events

This one is really more of a bonus but nightlife attire for raves and festivals are extremely casual in the sense that everyone will be in a cramped space at a venue dancing, jumping up and down, and sweating profusely all night.  Fun to attend if you’ve never been to a festival and highly recommend to at least attend one.

This is what we normally wear no matter where the rave/festival is taking place:

  • Stylish Tank Top or Casual T-Shirt
  • Jeans or stylish khakis pants. Shorts are allowed but jeans usually look more stylish especially in black
  • Casual & comfortable shoes. Again, you’ll be moving all night so you don’t want to wear anything heavy or something you don’t want to get dirty.




Wearing the nightlife attire to the right event is always important so you don’t look too over or under dressed for the occasion. It’s the small things that also matter such as wearing fitted clothes and getting them tailored to fit snugly on your body.  Just remember these simple rules when going out. 

1) For most bars and clubs a button up and jeans are acceptable.

2) Go all out on formal events, including accessories.

3) Any daytime, rave, or festival event is always going to be casual due to the nature of the scene. Dress to be comfortable yet stylish.


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