5 New Positions to Try In Bed Tonight

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March 9, 2016
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5 New Positions to Try In Bed Tonight

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Sex is fun, steamy, and pleasurable – until you’ve been doing the same positions over and over. Slowly, you start to lose the thrill and excitement. The next thing you know, you’d both rather be in your PJs and Netflix in bed.

No need to dig an old copy of Kama Sutra your grandfather gave you. Spice things up with these five new positions to try in bed – and make her fall for you again.



  1. Say Hello to Trapeze

Trapeze is a horizontal bar hanging by two ropes to enable you to freely swing in the air. If you are thinking of putting the fun back in the bedroom, then this is a new position to try in bed sans the ropes.

To do this, sit at the edge of the bed and have your girl wrap her legs around your hips. In this position, your girl should slowly bend her body and turning upside down. Then, do your moves. You will surely enjoy the view while doing a position that literally turns you both upside down.


  1. The Simpler Scissors Position

Imagine intercrossing legs while humping. Sounds complicated, don’t you think? Here is a simpler version.

Sit up straight with your legs wide open. Let her straggle on your side wherein one leg rests on your hips while her other leg lays between your legs. The good thing about this position is that aside from it is a less complicated version of scissor sex, you are able to control the pace of lovemaking while she controls the depth and angle.

Sex is also about teamwork, right?


  1. Let Her Do the Lap Dance

No, this doesn’t mean your ladylove should give you a show while you sit comfortably in a chair. This position entails you to sit on the edge of the bed while your partner enters you and lowers herself down while she is facing away. Make sure your feet touch the floor to give you more leverage.

This new position to try in bed is perfectly positioned to hit her g-spot while allowing your free hands to touch and stimulate her body.


  1. The Lotus


One of the simplest but most effective ways to boost your sex life is to try new positions. While there are tons of fun and fresh ways to do this, this doesn’t mean you should give up on romance.

This is where the lotus position will come in handy. To do this, sit cross legged while she kneels down and wrap her legs around your waist. Think woman on top position but with more intimacy. Then use your hands and lips to caress her body while giving her a kiss.

Via Flickr/Robin Green


  1. Make Her A Superwoman

If you want to give her the pleasure of flying, then this position will do the trick.

One of the advanced new positions to try in bed, let her bend over a sturdy surface while you lift her up by the hips and her legs stretched out. The bottom part of her body should be suspended in kid-air, giving her the sensation of flying as you do your thing.

This position defies gravity so don’t thrust hard and take it easy.


What are you waiting for? These new positions to try in bed will surely rock your world.


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