Mens Gym Apparel: Everything You Need

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Mens Gym Apparel: Everything You Need

mens gym apparel

Barely two blinks, and we’re nearing the end of the first quarter of 2016 already. This is it – this is where you realize that time is sprinting past you, and as you take stock of all the things you were resolved to accomplish in the year ahead, perhaps it’s time to revisit that one nagging resolution that says you’ll endeavor to hit the gym more often.

With that being said, you’ll want a set of gear that can still keep you looking tip-top in style as you work your way around the weights. Granted, mens gym apparel may sometimes lack the flourish to make a lasting fashion impression, but that’s no reason not to try.

Whether you’re signing into the gym for the first time in years, or you’re such a seasoned pro that your trainer and you go by nicknames, this article is going to give you a crash course on what you need to look good while breaking a sweat, and where you can buy them from.


1. Get Yourself Some Good Trainers.

Aside from your exercise gear, the most important thing to have with you at the gym is a good pair of trainers. Here’s the deal: when we say “good”, we define it in two ways. The first way is that it should be technological suited to your workout, thereby giving you optimal results whether you’re running, lifting or peddling. Secondly, and most often overlooked, find a pair of trainers that will look good on you when you walk out the door. It just means you get to carry one less pair of shoes for your post-gym attire, so if not for the sake of style, then buy good-looking shoes for the sake of practicality.


Techloom Pro Running sneakers, $140, Athletic Propulsion Labs at



2. Invest In A Classic Gym Bag And Dopp Kit.

You’re going to need something to put your exercise gear in while you’re at the boardroom right? Invest in a holdall that’s worth its weight in style without sacrificing on practicality. This holdall from Porter does the trick, and you can rest easy knowing that you wouldn’t have to lug extra weight around thanks to its nylon exterior.

While we’re on the subject of carriers, don’t forget to splurge a little on a smart looking dopp kit. Pack in the necessities such as your personal shower gel and your hair products. Some gyms offer communal toiletries, but we believe some things are best kept personal.


Nylon holdall, $399.17, Porter at


Leather-trimmed organic cotton dopp kit, $195, WANT Les Essentials at


3. Smelling Good Is Part Of Looking Good.

No one likes the lingering, faint scent of after-gym sweat, least of all the person that you’re meeting post-workout. If you’re following our checklist, then your dopp kit should have plenty of room for a bottle of cologne and a deodorant. While in most occasions, the cologne that you wear will overpower the scent of the deodorant; sometimes you might find yourself with a bad mix if both scents don’t mix well. So when you have a moment, spend some time at a department store to test out the combination of scents that you’re comfortable with.


‘Blu Mediterraneo’ Arancia di Capri Eau de Toilette, $102 (2.5oz) and $152 (5oz), Acqua di Parma at


Original Vetiver deodorant, $75, Creed at



4. Keep Your Tech Sleek.

Wearable tech is here to stay, but just like any other mens gym apparel, there’s always a way to make your trackers look good too. Beyond finding one that serves you with practical data that will benefit your workout session, an important thing to remember is to match your tech to your clothes. There’s nothing more off-putting than a man walking around the stations with a neon blue wristband wrapped around his wrist. Instead, keep things sleek and simple, and find one that matches 80 per cent of what you wear when you’re working out.

Fitbit Charge HR wristband in black, $127.49, Fitbit at


5. A Stylish Sweatshirt Will Hide Everything.

If you’re not going to bother with anything else on the list, then this is the one point you should give full attention to. For the guys who take their exercise regime outdoors, always have a fuss-free sweatshirt lying within reach. While this might serve some aesthetic purpose, the real reason lies in the medical practicalities of fitness. With a sweatshirt, what you’re doing is essentially minimizing any heat loss that your muscles will face when you’re working out in a cold environment, thereby reducing any risk of pulling a muscle or tendon. Secondly, though largely debated, some people argue that a wearing a sweatshirt helps to lose more weight by burning up more calories within you. While the latter point still faces contradictory belief, one thing we can all agree on is the importance of a well-designed sweatshirt.


Cotton crewneck sweatshirt, $525, Thom Browne at



6. Extra Tees For Extra Points.

Last but not least, keep an extra t-shirt stashed away in your bag. Most mens gym apparel might work well in the setting of a workout room, but leave the gym and you just look sloppy. By the time you’re done with your workout, the shirt or t-shirt you wore to the gym is probably showing some crease lines after being stuffed into the ever-shrinking gym locker. An extra t-shirt in the bag will not only eliminate the need to wear a crumpled-up top, it also keeps you feeling, smelling and looking fresh.

Micro modal crew neck shirt, $18.50 – 34.00, Calvin Klein at amazon.


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