How To Get From A Simple Massage To Sex

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How To Get From A Simple Massage To Sex

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When it comes to sex and women, intimacy is everything. You don’t expect her to take off her clothes and do the most outrageous things when you told her you want some action. There should be a build-up and connection if you want to boost her mood.

Fancy dinner is fine, but a simple, inexpensive, but effective way to make her want sex is massage. Here is a step-by-step procedure that will take you from an innocent massage to sex.


Step One: Set The Scene

This is the first step in turning an innocent session from massage to sex. In setting the scene, make sure that your room is clean, nice, and perfectly set for sex and romance. Dim the lights, light some scented candles, play a soothing music, and keep the room temperature warm to keep her relaxed. Don’t forget your oil and towels.

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Step Two: Start With The Feet

No, you don’t go straight to her genital area or back. If you want to transform an erotic massage that leads to sex, then give her a foot massage.

Foot massage instantly relaxes her and makes her forget about the day that was, which is vital to get her in the mood. Make sure to work gently but firmly along the sole. Three to five minutes per foot is enough.


Step Three: Work Your Way Up To Her Legs

Using your palm, slowly move your way up to her legs in smooth, long strokes. You can also gently excite her using your fingers, but make sure not to go anywhere deeper. Sensual massage aims to build excitement so maintain a gentle touch.


Step Four: Focus In On Her Back

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With stress and responsibilities creeping in her system, it is no surprise that your ladylove’s back is one of the most tensed areas in her body. The good news is you can take advantage of this and turn things around in your favor too.

Use long, gentle strokes to relieve tension in her back. It could also help if you use your tongue and play it with her ears or neck. Your partner will love you for this.

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Step Five: It’s Time For Her Twin Mountains

Now, your agenda of massage to sex is slowly kicking in.

After giving her a back massage, it’s time to ask her to lie on her back. You can start massaging her stomach, although seek permission first since there are women who get conscious on this area. Otherwise, proceed to her breasts and slowly stroke the outside in a long figure of eight. Don’t forget to tease her nipples through gentle blows and a bit of tongue action.


Step Six: Once She Is Already In The Mood

It’s time to go down to her vagina.  To do this, move your hands down between her legs and stroke her labia, or the outer area of her vagina. Once she is wet enough, use your fingers to slowly massage her clit and insert your middle finger to let her know of your intentions. Don’t forget to switch to lube when going down on her.


So, are you ready to give her the massage that will surely rock her world? Let us know in the comments below if there are other routines you normally use to get from massage to sex


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