Leadership Skills List: The Big 5

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August 9, 2015
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Leadership Skills List: The Big 5

leadership skills list

Leadership traits is an attribute that men learn over time.  Some may challenge that leadership is a trait that people are born with and thus some men are natural leaders but that is not always the case.  As with any skill that you develop over time, practice and patience is key in order to learn the necessary skills and knowledge needed to take charge.

Start with our leadership skills list and you’ll be naturally displaying leadership traits that your peers will start to recognize.


1) Leaders are Confident

The first key trait to mastering any trait/skill is confidence and this cannot be overlooked when it comes to being first on our leadership skills list.  Natural leaders are very confident in both themselves and the the choices they make.  Confidence is key when it comes to letting other believe in you and whether you know what you’re doing or not, other will not question your actions if you are confident in yourself and your actions.  Being confident in yourself adds a sense of respect and responsibility that your peers will see in you and in return will gain trust and affirmation when you start to take action. Be confident, and take charge.


2) Leaders Take Initiative

Taking initiative is a huge step for most people when it comes to leadership traits.  As a soon-to-be natural leader, you need to learn how to take control of your life and to act upon your own judgements with confidence. Don’t be quick to follow the steps on another person and soon enough you will realize how quick people are to follow you once you take lead.  First learn to lead yourself and retake control of your life.  Don’t be afraid to step up and make yourself heard when certain actions need to be placed. Leaders are here to create a vision and to execute it by leading their team to accomplish goals.  Inspiration follows initiation. Be a leader, not a follower.


3) Leaders are Assertive and Aren’t Afraid To Question

Third on our leadership skills list is the importance of authority and assertiveness.  Leaders always maintain a strong and assertive frame when they’re making choices and giving input.  As a leader yourself, you will need to be firm and assertive and must maintain frame when your followers are around in order to justify your position within the group.  That’s not to say that you need to be an asshole and start bullying your way to get others to do what you want but to display strength and confidence in your decision throughout the venture.  Being assertive also means you don’t roll over and submit when others don’t agree with your plan.

As a leader, don’t be afraid to question others when they have their own opinion that you don’t agree with or would want to challenge.  Believe it or not, chances are they will most likely appreciate and respect you for voicing your opinion like any true leader should.


4) Leaders are Excellent Listeners & Communicators

All great leaders have one thing in common and it’s the ability to listen and communicate effectively. Being a good listener means that you’re a person who is present in the moment and that you’re mindful, open, and more likely to respond with more authenticity.  Not only are you giving your peers your full attention but you’re able to focus on the critical points of the conversation which will properly allow you to access the situation with ease.

Being a good communicator doesn’t always follow a good listener so you will need to make sure you develop your communication skills as well.  Great leaders are good communicators and good communicators always focus on understanding what the other person is saying in order to provide proper feedback or voice their opinions in an openly accepting manner.  While the key is to listen more than  you speak, always be sure to think before you start yapping away so you will be in more tune with your thoughts and opinions regarding the conversation.  Don’t strive to always take control of the conversation but steer it in a manner where the other person is comfortable speaking to you which builds trust and a positive relationship over time.


5) All Leaders Maintain Integrity

The last on our leadership skills list is the importance of integrity.  All leaders must maintain a strong frame and their integrity in all aspects of life including critical decisions in both their business and personal lives.  Being led by someone with strong integrity builds trust within the team and shows strong moral principles in having a plan and following through with it all the way.

Nobody likes a person who is indecisive and never follows through with their plans. As a leader, you will need to show others that you have more bite than bark and that you’re willing to follow through with your plans and not disappoint others in the process.  True leaders show integrity, fake leaders do not.


Last Words

We hope this list of important leadership traits can help you become more of a leader.  Anybody can attempt to lead but only those that show the proper traits above will have what it takes to bring their vision to life.  For those that are willing to learn the skills needed to become great leaders, it is always important to know that leading is a big responsibility but the trust and relationship that is built upon it will outweigh the challenges ahead.

Just be sure to show confidence in everything you do and to not be afraid to take initiative when no one is taking action.  Be assertive when voicing your opinion and always listen and communicate effectively in a way that your peers will want to talk and listen to you.  And lastly always maintain integrity to your peer as the amount of respect will skyrocket and they’ll be more likely to let you take lead in the future.


Did our leadership skills list help you become a better leader? Let us know in the comments below


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