About Us

MPB originally started as a blog but as we progressed it turned into a much bigger project and we have now turned it into an online magazine.

We’d like to thank every one of our supports, old and new, and will be holding onto our old intro just a bit longer before we completely switch over.  Our goal is still the same, to help men everywhere bring out the best version of themselves because you were born to be great in the world and you were born to live the life you’ve always wanted. You just have to take the necessary steps to make it happen.


**Old Introduction**


adjective: modern

  1. of or relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past.


noun: playboy; plural noun: playboys

  1. a wealthy man who spends his time enjoying himself, especially one who behaves irresponsibly or is sexually promiscuous.


The word playboy has been around for more than a century and will continue to hold its value over time.  As the definition suggests, a playboy is a person who is wealthy and often spends his ample time on leisure as well as being a flashy womanizer. Do we agree? Yes, of course we do.

Adding the prefix “Modern” and now we take everything we know about the term playboy and apply it to this present time.  Many things change over time, and to be apart of the modern playboys of this era, you’re going to have to keep up.


3 Categories that are going to be covered in this blog

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Fashion
  3. Personal Development



The lifestyle of a playboy is lavish but you don’t have to be the millionaire playboy to live it.  There are many ways to live like the modern playboy and this goes far beyond just leisure time.  Some topics that will be covered in this category would be the nightlife scene, health & fitness, acquiring new hobbies and activities, improving your social life & skills, and generally how the playboy should act in various scenarios.



An iconic part of being a playboy is looking the part.  In this section we will be discussing the various types of dress attire for every scenario.  Be it the gym or your best friends wedding, bringing out the best possible look you have will undoubtedly boost your confidence and get you not only looking like the modern playboy but feeling like one too.  The hottest fashion trend in mens clothing will be discussed in this section.


Personal Development

The goal of this blog is to let men know how to become the best version of themselves.  This is in regards to personal development and how to portray yourself correctly so your ancestors will be proud.  There will be many topics that will be covered in this section such as behavioral skills, confidence training, alpha presence, tips on managing time and maximizing income, communicating with women, Red Pill Philosophy, and many more.  If it doesn’t fit in the lifestyle or fashion trend, it’ll end up here.


Though this blog is intended to be a self-improvement venture, we will be blunt and straightforward in our discussions for the sake of our readers.  So grab a drink, get comfortable, and be sure to stop by frequently for new topics that will be posted.


           Welcome and happy reading

– Modern Playboys