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How To Rent A Party Yacht

how to rent a party yacht

Splurging On Your Next Vacation? Learn How To Rent A Party Yacht Below

A lot of people like to travel in style. Whether they’re vacationing or just wandering, they like to experience the best and the royal pleasures of life. So if you’re one to vacation in the most regal way then you have to have your first adventure on a yacht.

A yacht may sound to be a luxury for the millionaires but the truth is yacht rentals are very affordable. An adventurous trip on a sleek and stylish yacht is definitely something everyone should have on their bucket list.

So here are some essential and useful information on how to rent a party yacht below.


Where Can You Rent A Yacht?

Most of the tourist destinations that promote water sports on oceans, seas or lakes have yachts for rent. If you are living in the States then there are lots of places where you can find rental services for luxurious yachts. The state of Florida requires special mention in this regard. Places like Miami, Tampa Bay, West Palm Beach gets lots of tourists who visit these places to relax and enjoy water sports. you can visit these places and rent them from the authorized dealers.

Aside from tourist spots, you could also book a yacht from private owners on places like or at rates average the same as hotels.


Check Expenses And What You Need On Board

Generally the cost of renting one would depend on the number of guests accommodating the yacht and what the yacht offers on board Usually the all inclusive package has amenities that include:

  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Music System
  • Fully stocked bar
  • Meals/Food
  • Laundry
  • And lots more.

Larger, more luxurious yacht (also known as super yachts) have accommodations up to around 100 guests on board. These boats are over 90 feet long and have all the luxuries that a vacation can give.


Planning Ahead with Paperwork, Documents, & Extras

Be sure to have these on hand and to look over these before stepping on board.

  • Deposit – Most yacht rentals will require a deposit when booking to ensure your vacation date is available for you
  • Damage Waiver – Some Yachts will have damage waivers for you to sign before you get on board
  • Visas, Passports, & Customs – Required if you are out to sea and traveling
  • Currency Exchanges – If you are traveling to another country then this is obvious


Captain and Crew Check

Renting a yacht or superboat will most likely include a captain and crew to cater to you and your friends if your party needs it. Just know that they will probably add a catering fee which is normally an additional 20-30%.


Last Words

The principles on how to rent a party yacht is pretty similar to book a hotel or condo.  Think of a yacht as a condo out in the water.  Yachts are great places to throw parties and would make any celebration grand and memorable.  Be sure to have a blast when you’re partyinf on your first yacht cruise and don’t forget to take pictures. tons of pictures.

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