Friendzoned? Here’s How To Get Out The Friend Zone

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Friendzoned? Here’s How To Get Out The Friend Zone

how to get out the friend zone

Friendzoned? Tragic. Here’s How To Get Out The Friend Zone

The dreaded friend zone. Tragic when we hear about it, much worse if it happens to you.  The friend zone simply refers to an individual who develops stronger feelings towards another person in hopes of seeking an intimate relationship. The other person however, is often times unaware of the friends intentions or has no interest in having an intimate relationship placing the “friend” in a position where he or she is unable to move any further than a platonic relationship

Individuals who are stuck in the friend zone usually stems from one of the following issues:

  1. Intentions were made unaware
  2. Lack of sexual tension


Knowing how to get out the friend zone only requires you to change a few things when it comes down to it.  Start with our list and see how you can apply some of these when necessary.



Break The Nice Guy Stereotype

Don’t be too friendly when it comes to someone you want to be more than friends with.  Instead, display a more sexual character around her and get her comfortable with you casually flirting with her.  Going back to #2 on the list, men who do not display any sexual banter in his words or actions make it much more difficult for women to respond intimately with in return.


Don’t be afraid to flirt, tease, give her some playful banter, and touch her when she’s around.


This is important because you want her to know that you are a sexual and fun person to be with and not just a nice guy who never initiates anything sexual.



Don’t Be In The Majority, But In The Minority

You don’t want to be part of the majority of guys in her life, those who are ready to do anything for her, instead, become part of the minority. If you are one of those guys who are always there for her needs whenever she needs it, then stop immediately.If you want to learn how to get out the friend zone then it begins with not being a doormat to her.


Don’t be a doormat. Just, don’t.


Treat her like your other friends that you spend time with. Use your time wisely and show her that you have a life other than giving her all of yours.  When she sees that you have changed, showed some attractive qualities, and that you are no longer treating her the way you use to; that is the point where she will question herself about you.



Let Your Absence Be Your Presence

It can be hard but you must take a step back, and give the girl a chance to miss you. She will appreciate the things you did for her in your absence and is also good for you to use this time to focus on yourself and your own interest.

Once she notices your absence she will value you more and thrive for your attention. People place more value on things which are scarce. Be patient; give it some time not for hours or days, but weeks! None the less, don’t take too long either.

To make things better, display some higher value by participating in fun social events without her and subtly log your activities on snapchat or social media.  Believe me, she’ll be seeing what you’re up to.



Take Action

Now that you are out of the picture for quiet some time its time for you to start making some moves on her. Don’t go off too strong but be humble and make her question herself or ask her if anything has changed since the time you had taken a break from her. Show her that you are different from the others and that you’re a fun and interesting guy to date. Ask her out on a date and be bold about it. Put all your actions and plans in the proper perspective.

Read the 6 Important First Date Tips to help get you started.



The Brutal Truth If She Doesn’t Budge

If everything fails and she doesn’t move you from the friend zone then accept the friendship and try to banish the feelings you have for her.  Sometimes it’s necessary, but at the very least you’ve made an attempt and should understand that if she doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings back then it’s just never going to work out.

Instead, start focusing on other things and on other female companionships. Make room for yourself and give room to the person who feels for you and reciprocates her feelings the same way, just make sure you don’t fall in the friend zone again.


Did you or someone you know climb out of the friend zone?  Did our list on how to get out the friend zone make anything different? Let us know the story in the comments below!


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