How To Be More Productive With Tools Included

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How To Be More Productive With Tools Included

how to be more productive

Productivity is simply a measurement of efficiency of someone (or something) in the form of output versus input. When it comes to specific tasks or goals that we want to accomplish, you always want to get them completed in the most optimal time frame and quality possible. Time is money, and being productive will get you to where you want to be without wasting time.

If you want to lead a satisfying, productive life, here are some basic guidelines on how to be more productive with tools included for additional assistance.


1. Invest In The Right Tools

No longer is a cup of coffee all you would need to help you stay focused and on task.  The web now offers a variety of tools that ranges from task managers, shareable to-do lists, social media management, email management, scheduling applications, and many more.  Take a breather and make a list of the things you need that would help save precious time from your day with these management applications.

Some apps include:

Wordstream has a nice comprehensive list that should have something for everyone.


2. Do Not Try To Do Everything By Yourself

Or better yet: As much as possible. Learn how to be more productive by letting others do the work for you.

There are countless benefits from that approach. For example: having more time for other things you do, avoiding doing things you are not good at, transferring responsibilities from yourself to other people etc. Just remember that there are always people who can do a better job than you, in less time and for less money. Do not compete with them if you don’t have to – it only wastes your time and does nothing to increase your productivity.

Some places to find extra help:


  • Fiverr – Online marketplace for finding a wide variety of services for $5
  • Upwork – A platform for finding freelancers. Very simple job post system


  • Taskrabbit – If you need assistance with anything at your actual location then these guys are basically an extra set of hands


3. Stick To One Task At a Time and Dedicate Your Time Accordingly

The main reason multi-tasking should be out the door is because it largely disrupts focus and breaks up parts of the task resulting in either lower quality of work for each or unfinished work resulting in more build up for the next day which adds to more tasks and stress.

Learning how to be more productive doesn’t mean doing anything at once.  Embrace single tasking and you’ll be surprised by the amount of work that you’ll get done and the quality behind. After all, if all three tasks need to get done on the same day then giving 100% of your focus will yield higher quality work than 33% spanned over longer periods of time.

Huffington Post has a great way to help you break into the single-tasked mindset.


4. Produce a Schedule Or a To-Do List and Stick With It

This one is obvious but easily ignored for many.  Having a schedule or a to-do list laid out not only reminds you of what needs to be done, but also keeps you on track of your progress and gives you a visual representation of when things need to be accomplished and what you have accomplished so far.

Most of the time staying productive is also about staying committed and away from things that can easily distract you.  Have a list of things ready and make it a goal to have everything completed as much as possible, limiting break time only when you really need it.


5. Take Care Of Your Health

Focusing your thoughts on your work while worried about your illness is very hard. People tend to forget to care about their health and once health starts to deteriorate, productivity drops as a result. Even if it is just a mild headache, a simple back pain, sleeplessness, or a common cold, it is still a serious nuisance and will have a detrimental effect on productivity. Learning how to be more productive also means learning not to forget about your health.

Be sure to do the follow:

  • maintaining good posture
  • exercising enough
  • eating healthy
  • avoiding “negative” thoughts and “negative” people
  • optimizing sleep
  • stay positive


6. Don’t Overwork & Risk Sacrificing Quality

Staying productive also means allocating your time correctly to finish a good amount of work with the upmost quality.  There is such a thing as overworking in which more time is allocated to getting more done but we risk resulting in lower quality work the longer we stretch it.

Only you are in tuned with yourself and know when you’re too tired to continue.  In this case, take a break and relax a bit.  Once your mind has a moment to breathe then continue working and review the last bit before your break to make sure you didn’t accidentally mess anything up.

Helpful tools for automatic break time:

Eyeleo – A tool that forces you to take short breaks and rest your eyes, wrist, and hands.

Workrave – A highly configurable tool where you can set how long your breaks are, how often they occur, and when.


7. Set A Productive Environment & Ban Everything Else

Learning how to be more productive all comes down to you and how much time you’re willing to put down for yourself.  This means that you will need to stop wasting time on some of the biggest time wasters such as video games, social media, television, flappy bird, and whatever else that easily gets you distracted like a dog seeing a squirrel.  Set the right environment, put your phone on silent, put on some soothing productive  music and get to work.

Coffivity – an awesome website that imitates a coffee shop environment which has been rated high in increasing productivity.


Final Thoughts

Although it may seem that the above tips for boosting your productivity require a lot of effort, they are by far more powerful than some other common tricks that have an instant, but not a very lasting effect.

Remember that the more you invest and apply the skills you’ve learned in your personal development, the more it’ll stick with you in the long run.


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Let us know in the comments below if our list on how to be more productive helped you in any way


Alan Huang
Alan Huang
Alan is a freelance writer, entrepreneur, and personal development coach. Originally raised in Brooklyn but now resides in Houston, Tx.

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