Choosing The Right Business Partner
Choosing The Right Business Partner
August 30, 2015
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September 13, 2015

How To Be Attractive Towards Women

how to be attractive towards women

Learn The Essentials On How To Be Attractive Towards Women

We all know the classic things that guys do which give women an attracted gleam in the eye. Your actions might be conscious or deliberate but there are definitely ways in which you can enhance and magnify your attractiveness for the opposite sex. Take a look below on how to be attractive towards women and make sure you’re showing these qualities below the next time you see someone who needs to be swept off their feet.

Now we’re not using looks as a factor here


#1 Being Smart

This isn’t so surprising, perhaps I’m just warming you up. When a man can string his words together without fumbling or sounding pseudo-intellectual, it’s undeniably hot. If a man reads classic novels and is interested in magazines entitled cosmos or science today, it’s natural for women to feel impressed and attracted. This is especially true if he is comfortable and confident in his intelligence and doesn’t feel the need to broadcast it through geeky glasses or the dreaded tweed jacket.


#2 Knowing How To Fix Things

Maybe it’s just our genetic needs talking but if you can easily construct that IKEA desk she’s been puzzling over all morning or you know exactly what to do if the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, it’s hot. There is something primal and powerfully attractive about a man who knows how to repair things. This is especially true in this digital revolution age where we have lost so many of the basic hand-bound skills which were previously considered essential mate requirements in the past.


#3 Try To Be An Unconsciously Good Person

The most overlooked way on how to be attractive towards women is to unconsciously be a good person. This might appear obvious to any female readers but to the male population, this particular fact doesn’t crop up in the book of flirting tricks.

If you are polite and talkative with waiters, attentive to performances and generous with your change, respectful to elderly people or the disadvantaged with luggage or offering seats, you’re hot. The ultimate attraction is if you are good with kids and play with them unconsciously. Women are not just looking for physical attraction, smarts or a repairman in a prospective partner. Who you are as a partner and person are integral to her own attraction and getting to show off what a good man you are is an added bonus.


#4 Being Capable

You don’t need a woman to act like your mother and plan holidays, journeys or times to buy flights. If a man knows how to do these things and doesn’t make a fuss of it, he is immediately showing a nurturing, confident ability to take care of women and keep things together. Of course this doesn’t have to be a one sided affair and I’m well aware that no one needs a man to take care of them. However, it is a very welcome and desirable trait to have in a guy.



The attracting actions that guys do will vary for each woman, how you view a potential partner or lover is entirely up to you. However, there is something that guys might not even realize that do that is attractive to the opposite sex. Even though this section covers some bare essentials on how to be attractive towards women, It’s important to realize that even if a guy displays none of the above qualities, he still might be perfect in other ways. Never discount someone because they don’t fit all the boxes.


Attractiveness is measured in the qualities that the man possess, not just looks.

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