Got A Wingwoman? Here’s How She Can Help

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Got A Wingwoman? Here’s How She Can Help


Here’s Why Game Gets Easier If You Have A Wingwoman

Having a wingman with you during your nights out is always a good experience. They have your back, help to infiltrate the group, and talks you up to your target to make you look more desirable in the long run.

Although the duties of the wing-person are all the same, here are a couple of advantages of having a wingwoman accompany you the next time you’re out at the bar.


Makes You Seem Like a Girl-Friendly Guy

Sure, your wingman will speak you up, exaggerating your accomplishments and well-rounded with awesomeness.  But when a woman tells it to another woman, there is a good chance that she will believe your wingwomen over a wingman.  A woman’s intentions can appear real and pure compared to a guy.  Obviously, if your wing woman is vouching for you, there should be a reason for it.


Less Competition

If your friend is good with girls to be you’re wingman, then he should be pretty sensible with woman. Meaning, he might be your direct competition for the attention of the lady you’ve got your eye on. Though an honest wingman would back off if you expressed interest first, however there are also cases where the woman you’re interested in is more interested in your wingman than you.   With a wing woman, it’s unlikely that this may happen and you can avoid direct competition both ways all together.


She Can Build A Less Threatening Approach

Simply seeing two guys headed in their direction puts ladies on high alert, especially at night.  Night game is much more difficult than day game because of the environment that they’re in and because of this, women naturally put a shield up to deter men from approaching them.

Now let’s read that again.

Women naturally put a shield up to deter men from approaching them

Women are much more open to having other women approach them especially when they’re in high energy.  Socializing comes natural when women come together and it makes it even easier to introduce you as a sort of casual meeting between friends when you enter the picture.


She Will Deter The Women You Aren’t Interested In

Having a woman with you helps to deter the women around you that you aren’t interested in.  Most people who sees a man and a woman together automatically assume that they’re a couple.  All your wingwoman has to do is walk over and grab your hand. When those women starts to move away from you, she can take you to the woman you are more interested in interacting with.


She Can Provide You With Feedback

Your wingwoman should be able to provide you with some advice regarding how your target felt during the entire interaction. Ladies typically have a keen sense of picking up vibe from other women so your wing woman should be able to tell how the interaction is going and give you feedback on it when necessary.



Had a success story that involved a wingwoman in the past? We’d like to hear it in the comments below!


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