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November 24, 2015
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4 First Date Expectations From Her

first date expectations

First Date Expectations From Her

You’ve done the approaching, the flirting, the phone calls & text messaging and now you’re ready for your first date. If you’ve looked at our list of 6 essential first date tips then get ready to tap into the minds of women and their first date expectations when meeting us for the first time.

Today we have a special from our guest writer, Anna, who locally coaches men on dating & game.


Some of the first date expectations of a girl include dressing up smartly, showing good and chivalrous manners, and most importantly giving her something to remember out of the entire date. It is a fact that women have expectations from men. Regardless of how they behave and what they say, women always want men to follow things they like so let’s tackle some of the essentials of what they’ll expect:


Listen to Her

It is true that first dates are a good opportunity for both women and men to get to know each other. Men should always bear in mind that women need lots of attention. If you go on telling about yourself, your date won’t be impressed. As a matter of fact, she’ll probably feel that you are a self-obsessed man who has no interest in actually getting to know her. The best thing that you will need to do is to start the conversation by tackling her interest and listening to her responses carefully. If you do some conversation that is related to what she is talking about, she would be more than happy. For women, giving them your full attention is more than enough. Giving her your full attention is an unspoken form of communication that lets her know that you are really interested in her and in return, she’ll become more attracted to you from that alone.


Initiate Conversation

Listening to your date does not mean that you shouldn’t talk at all. You have to engage and initiate conversations based on the responses she gives but be sure to keep it meaningful and funny. Your silence can ruin the atmosphere that you have been building so it’s always important to keep the momentum building. It is very important to make your date laugh and when she is talking, ask her questions that are related to her topic. Some fail proof topics that you can initiate can be on topics such as traveling, food, pets, and places we frequency visit. All of these are topics that can easily be initiated and even easier to get information out of us to see the things we like and move on from there.


Take It Slow But Build Comfort Strategically

Anxiety can happen almost instantly when you meet your date for the first time and you will probably have a million things going on in your mind as you approach her again. The butterflies will quickly go away after the first couple minutes but It is important to display self-control and confidence as you meet with her. Don’t be afraid to sit close to her and to initiate some light kino (touching) as the both of you are playfully conversing. This will show how much you’re enjoying the date and will also open her up comfortably to you. Just remember, comfort is key when it comes to first dates and this is ground to our decision on meeting you again next time.


Be Spontaneous

Women really love it when men take the lead. Once your meeting has gone well, immediately suggest a convincing plan to follow after. Don’t be afraid to take us to multiple spots to give us a more memorable first date experience. Not to mention that having multiple plans ready without letting her know at the right time is a big sign of being spontaneous, and believe it when the women will be more than ready to follow your lead. Some spots that are great for spontaneous moments would be open plazas with dessert shops, bars, hookah lounges, or anything from her list of places she may enjoy based on the information you’ve gathered from her early on.


Last Words

These four first date expectations are some of the most common things that women are expecting from men when meeting for the first time.  Be sure to listen to her carefully and to ask fun and interesting questions that you are able to gather from her and the rest will be smooth sailing. Most of first dates besides getting to know the other person is also on building comfort both emotionally and physically so don’t be afraid to do some light kino (touching) as well whenever you are having an interaction with her.  Light kino as in slightly touching her elbow/arm when making a joke or touching her back as you guide her through the door.  These little things will add more to her experience with you and build comfort in the long run.  Lastly, always have another plan to bounce to a different venue to keep the date interesting and unique.


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