Dominate Your Next Big Job Interview

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Dominate Your Next Big Job Interview

Big Job Interview

How To Dominate Your Next Big Job Interview

Job interviews is the place where you can win or lose the offer, so for that reason you need to be fully prepared if you do not want to miss your chance. It might sound scary, but we’ll give you some things to remember to help you nail it.

See our list of tips on dominating your next big job interview.


Tip #1 Think What The Interviewer Is Looking For

If you want to prepare for your next interview think what the interviewer might look for.

Some examples include:

  • Educational qualifications
  • Job experience qualifications
  • Best interest in the job role
  • Long term career committment
  • Special skill sets
  • Employment referral & relationship
  • and even connections you may have (yes, sometimes it’s about that)

The interviewer is looking for the best candidate who will be able to do the job for them. So think ahead what are they looking for, and how you can convince them to remember you.


Tip #2 They Also Have Jobs. Be Quick & Concise

This means you really need to be quick. Give short and concise answers. They do not have a whole day for you and you do not want to present yourself as a boring person taking up their time. The interviewer wants to find someone who is quick minded, and knows how to control a conversation and get their point across.


Tip #3 They Are Looking For More Than Just Skills

If they were looking only for skills and experience they would only read resumes and that`s it. If they invited you to an interview that means that they need to see you in person and learn more about you, your work ethics, and your personality to fit with the team. So ask yourself these two questions

  • What kinds of personality traits are required for this position?
  • How you can contribute as a part of their team?


Tip #4 Do Some Research

You should always do your homework before you go to an interview. Research the company background so you won’t look dumbfounded when they ask “So what do you know about us?” question.

As far as the interviewer, a look in their background is also suggested. You don’t have to stalk them, but check their LinkedIn profiles to see if you share some common interests to break the ice. Having the interview enjoy your presence will definitely help.


Tip #5 Give The Perfect Response

Treat every question as a trick question. They might sound simple and easy to answer but some may not be. The questions they ask usually has a hidden agenda behind it so take some time and see what some of these might be.

Smartbusinesstrends has a wonderful infographic about it here.


Tip #6 Give Plain Answers

Do not try so hard to sound very smart because you might end up looking like an idiot if they dwell deeper into it and you don’t have a response in return. Try to use plain vocabulary and answer exactly what they’re asking for and nothing more.  Job interviewers are stressful and the questions will commonly make you talk before you think.  Just remember there’s no rush in answering any of their questions. Just relax, think, then answer them confidently and move on.


Tip #7 Small Things To Consider

Here are a couple small mentions that you should consider for your next big job interview.

  1. The interview is not only about you.
  2. They want to know if you have the appropriate skills to do the job. they honestly do not care if you want to broaden your experience.
  3. Two minutes is normally enough time for a long detailed answer.
  4. Have a strong body language, don’t look weak and always maintain strong eye contact.
  5. Speak clearly, concisely, and articulately.
  6. Shake their hand like a man. Give a firm handshakes when you meet your interviewer.



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