Dating In Your 20s vs. Dating In Your 30s

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Dating In Your 20s vs. Dating In Your 30s

dating in your 20s dating in your 30s

5 Differences Between Dating In Your 20s And Dating In Your 30s

A decade apart can really make some drastic differences between one another and it’s no different when it comes to dating.  From the older gentlemen who is more established with their life to the younger generations who are starting to build it, here are 5 differences between dating in yours 20s and dating in your 30s.


Overall Dating

Dating itself is different in both the ages.

Dating in your 20s: In your 20s, dating is often categorized in two different situations.  Either a long term committed relationship or an experimental short term testing relationship (aka, open dating).  When we are in our 20s we tend to be a bit more selfish in what we want from our partner(s) and this holds especially true to women.

Most people who begin dating in their 20s also begin to find out what they like in their ideal partner through trial and error while others who have experienced multiple dating partners in the past tend to invest their time in their current partner to mold them to their ideal match.

Dating in your 30s: Though the long term committed and open dating still applies to your 30s, the main difference is the openness in how we view dating and how we can incorporate it in our busy schedules.  Though our genetics and societal means are telling us to find a suitable partner for marriage and to raise a child, most people with experience in dating tend to view dating more as an option and less of a necessity.



Appearances In your 20s: Appearance plays a very important role in attraction for people in their 20s.  Attraction first stems from looks and appearances when it comes to selecting a partner followed by character, personality, and social status.

Appearances in your 30s: The case isn’t the same for you when you are in your 30’s. Though looks and appearances are still a major factor, the more experienced the person is, the more they begin to filter out what they like in a woman and begins to value traits such as character, how the other person invests in you, and commitment to dating arrangements.




Passion in your 20s: There’s a much fiercer passion when you’re connecting with someone in your 20s. There’s also a lot more free time which makes seeing your partner and planning outings more frequent and exciting.

Passion in your 30s: The passion is there, but it’s a lot more subtle with softer desires for one another resulting in a longer, less stressful relationship. Being in the 30s also means a busy schedule so each time you set a date to see your partner it’s a lot more passionate and enjoyable.




Expectations in your 20s: You go with the flow and date a variety of people to figure out what works for you. Simple as that.  The 20s is a time to be exploring and testing the waters between several women who eventually helps to figure yourself out for your ideal match.

The 6 stages of dating by Thought Catalog sums it up perfectly: 6 Stages of Dating.

Expectation in your 30s: Dating in your 30s depends on the individual, however, most men normally falls between two categories at this point.

  1. Men with previous long term committed relationships who are looking to start fresh after a brief break.
  2. Men who have a track record of failed relationships who now takes a more casual approach to dating

Both group have one thing in common and that’s knowing what works and what didn’t work in the relationship, landing men in a more casual approach to dating with lowered expectations from their partners.




Ex-Relationships in your 20s: Past relationships are more likely to be forgiven especially in the earlier years. The emotional connection we’ve built with our partners especially in long term committed relationships make it difficult to let go even when someone has cheated or emotionally scarred the other. They in turn, give in to their emotions and attempt to work it out even when they know it’s best to let go.

Ex-Relationships in your 30s: Being in your 30s mean the person is a lot more self-aware, understanding, and embraces the concept of trust and betrayal. Since this is a time when most people work on self-development, people in their 30s know that completely letting go of foul relationships is better for them and accepts it.


Final Thoughts & Reality Between Dating In Your 20s And Dating In Your 30s

When it comes to relationships in general, every individual is different so there’s really no true answer between dating in your 20s and dating in your 30s.  It’s best to just let your experiences guide you and apply what you have learned to make your next partner a better match.


Do you feel any of these relate to you? Or have something you want to add to the list?  Let us know in the comments below!


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