Confidence and Success: The Real Relationship

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March 23, 2016
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Confidence and Success: The Real Relationship

confidence and success

Confidence and success have always been closely related

Being confident is the key to self-growth and can be a driving force and inspiration to achieve great things. Although the correlation has not been fully exposed, confidence gives you the tools you need to be successful.


The Science Behind It All

The relationship between confidence and success has been scrutinized since the 1970s. This has become a hot topic in the scientific community. The experiments needed to draw a direct relationship are considered unethical. Chances are we’ll never know exactly how confidence relates to success. Many claim it will always be a “chicken and the egg” debate as we don’t know if confidence leads to success or if success brings out confidence. One thing is certain: being confident is a positive thing, and can guide us to the path of success if applied correctly.


Many studies suggest the most confident people usually achieve more professionally. This BBC article states that confidence does not necessarily lead to success. However, in the same article they identify self-control and self-efficacy as part of confidence. The article says that “Self-control is much more powerful and well-supported as a cause of personal success”.


So How are Confidence and Success Related?

The idea behind the whole confidence leads to success debate is easily misunderstood. Just being confident is never enough. Confidence does not get you good grades in school, and it doesn’t do your job for you. That being said, being confident is one of the keys to reaching the success level everyone wants.


Being confident is about knowing yourself. It means identifying what you are good at and having the guts to know where you can improve, and work on it. Successful people often lack confidence in their early life. They begin to identify their strong points and start working on their weaker points which combined with hard work have made them very successful. Confidence gives you the drive and ability you will need on your road to success.


Personal Development & Growth

Real confidence is earned through self-growth and understanding. Self-confidence is often misportrayed and mistaken for narcissism. Knowing who you are and what you want will help you develop a true sense of confidence. You need to identify what you are good at and give yourself credit. Knowing yourself will also help you identify where you can improve and give you the drive to become better. If you are comfortable enough to identify these two things then you have what it takes to be successful.


The “Fake It to Make It” Strategy

The fake it to make it strategy can teach you how to control stressful situations and act confident even when you are not. Confidence is a great social trait because people naturally like confident personalities. Now, fake it to make is not ideal if you are aiming for confidence and success. It can become a habit and can be hard to break. The idea behind this so-called strategy is to get you so familiarized with being out of your comfort zone that you will eventually become immune to it. Therefore, you will not have to fake it anymore, and you will know exactly how to act when the time comes. The Wall Street Journal released an interesting article on how dressing for success leads to success that can give you a good idea of how it works.


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