beginners guide to red wine
Beginners Guide to Red Wine
December 26, 2015
beginners guide rosé wine
Beginners Guide to Rosé Wine
December 26, 2015

Beginners Guide to White Wine

beginners guide to white wine

Beginners Guide to White Wine

A lot of people like and prefer white wine due to its light and refreshing properties, and because you can drink it with so many different foods. It’s a relaxing drink you can have with friends and definitely one to pick while on a date, dinner parties, or weddings.

There are seven major types of white wine, and it helps to know the difference between them, even though they may be of different brand names. Knowing which type will give you some assistance so you won’t be too confused when it comes time to pick the bottle.

With our beginners guide to white wine, we’ll give the main sticking points and flavor scale below:


Chardonnay – Bold/Versatile
Chardonnay  is a very popular one, and has a wider bodied or more velvety taste than red wines or other, drier wines. Its taste is citrus-based, and can include overtones of grapefruit or lemon.


Sauvignon Blanc – Light/Herbal

Sauvignon Blanc is also of French origins and a versatile wine perfect for seafood or salads. Taste characteristics include an herbal aftertaste with dominating sour apples, gooseberries, pears, and tropical fruits.


Semillon – Bold/Dry
Semillon wine is wonderfully matched with fish dishes. This wine variety has a distinctive fig taste character. Semillon and Sauvignon make a delightful combination when mixed together.


Muscat Blanc (aka Moscato) – Light/Sweet
Muscat wine is best all by itself, and not drunk with food. This sweet, fruity wine has a musky aroma. Many consider this wine to be too sweet, but others enjoy this characteristic, such that this wine’s popularity is all based on preference and taste.


Pinot Grigio – Light/Fruity
Pinot Grigio comes from Italy, and can be paired with lots of different types of food. It’s a clean, crisp, fresh, versatile wine, with an intense aroma and fruity taste.


Riesling – Light/Sweet
Riesling is a variety of wine that goes well with chicken, pork or fish. It comes from Germany and is light and sweet, fresh tasting. It gets better as it ages.


Gewurztraminer – Light/Zesty
The last wine on our list, Gewurztraminer, also hails from Germany. It has a light taste perfect for sipping. Its flavor is fruit-based, coming from peaches or rose petals. Some think it’s not as refreshing as some types of white wine, but it truly has a unique flavor.


White wine is tremendously popular because of its lightness, and semi to sweet taste. Most people that begin drinking wine normally begin with the white varieties before venturing off to the dryer wines. Others stay with white wines simply because they are so versatile and pair well with many meals and occasions. If you’re in the mood to be romantic and you feel like cooking up a meal to pair with your wine then check out for their white wine/food pairing list here.


Additionally, most white wines are served chilled rather than at room temperature compared to their red wine counterparts. If our beginners guide to white wine has helped you then be sure to visit our guide on red wines.

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