7 Winter Dating Ideas To Spice Things Up

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7 Winter Dating Ideas To Spice Things Up

winter dating tips

7 Winter Dating Ideas To Spice Things Up

If your impression of a good winter date is Netflix and chill, the chances are good that you’ll be dumped for being a boring and lazy guy (Not to say Netflix & Chill doesn’t work..). Girls love to be entertained, and to have some of activities to do together will definitely bring excitement to the table, thus bonding and getting pass second base.

You have to keep them entertained, and happy, and we are giving you some quality winter dating ideas today to keep you guys amused. Even though the couch is comfy, you can always introduce it later in the date after you’ve brought her out for some winter fun. Here are seven winter dating ideas that you can try the next time you take her out:


  1. Hit The Slopes – Snowboard/Ski

Plan a weekend on the mountain, and hit the slopes. You can bring some friends as well, and have a fantastic afternoon, and later on you’ll have room for yourself and your date afterwards.

You’ll forget about the cold for a few minutes while you’re out sporting and the adrenaline will be enough to keep things interesting for both yourself and your date.


  1. Spa & Wellness

Go to a spa center and book a quality relaxing package where the both of you will get the best possible service. Hot bath, a massage, sauna, hydro massage in the Jacuzzi. The both of you will pretty much feel reborn especially after taking in the winter cold.

You can make a “Home” variation of this scenario as well if you don’t feel like leaving the house. Surprise your date with prepared props and equipment, and immerse yourself in a relaxing hot bath.


  1. Cooking Classes

The way to the man’s heart goes through his belly. Same goes with the girls.

Cooking can be multi-beneficial to you. You will be able to make something for yourself every time you are hungry, and be capable of surviving. On the other hand, making a quality specialty for your lady will melt’ her instantly.  You can go to classes together, and learn to cook something special together. The both of you will bond and she’ll have something interesting to remember you by. Follow up with some wine afterwards either at a wine bar or at your place.


  1. Ice Skating

Girls love skating. Whether you’re going to the natural pond or heading to an indoor rink, you’ll most likely see other couples out there and  we’ll tell you why. It’s a fun duo activity for the both of you and will provide the alone time you need while engaging in some sort of fun activity. On the side note skating will make you two colder, depending on the temperature, and she’ll most likely brace with you to get warmer or at least hold onto you so she doesn’t fall (unless she skates for a hobby).  Follow up with some kind of warm beverage to warm up afterwards.


  1. Paint the Snow

Here is an interesting idea; some sprays and food color is all you’ll need, alongside the snow surface. The both of you can compete together, make a drawing together, tic-tac-toe or whatever; that will be your mutual experience, your bonding time, doing something entirely different. Your girl won’t expect it.


  1. Take a walk on the snow

This might sound boring, and not inspirational. But, do not underestimate the snow and the beauty of nature when the first white layer is formatted. Taking a walk together through the forest or the natural park can be interesting, and you can make it more exciting by walking off the beaten path, and just walk through unexplored, covered areas, so you’ll never know where you may step.

Take care while doing it, and make sure you are walking through the known area, and that your shoes are adequate. Enjoy the fresh air, nature’s beauty, be spontaneous and adventurous.


  1. Go to an Aquarium

Aquariums can be a great places to have an enjoyable afternoon or evening, and during the winter, the crowds are very minimal. The both of you can explore the aquarium together, and admire the exotic sea world, feed some fishes, and see some unique species, learn something you didn’t know before. Every girl likes animals, especially penguins.


Staying home at bed sometimes does sound comfy and attractive, but when winter comes around it’s always good to take advantage. Grab your winter jacket, gloves, shoes, and start a day having fun in the snow, or use some of the winter dating ideas on this list to have an exciting and active day. She will be satisfied, happy, and you’ll have a good time, and have more energy. Your creativity is the only thing that matters.

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