7 Questions To Ask Ourselves How To Be Happy

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7 Questions To Ask Ourselves How To Be Happy

how to be happy

7 Questions To Ask Ourselves How To Be Happy With Our Lives (With Answers)

The outside world can have a great impact on your psychological state and is completely normal to be confused sometimes not knowing all the answers.  It takes years for some people to find their true calling, so if you’re anxious and need a break to see where your happiness is heading then ask yourself some of these questions below.


Here are 7 questions to ask ourselves how to be happy and what we need to do to achieve it.


1) Am I Doing Things That I Really Love?

Probably one of the most critical question we should all ask ourselves. Do we love not only our job, but the people that we surround ourselves with?  Are we doing hobbies that we love and are we happy spending time on things that make us feel accomplished?

The Answer:  if you aren’t doing the things that you enjoy then you should start incorporating them in your everyday life.  Happiness stems from the things we do and the results we generate from it.  Having patterns of negative activities in your day with no feeling of accomplishment will only make it worse and if you’re not making changes about it then nothing will change.  Time is valuable, spend it on the things that make you happy.


2) Do I Care About The People I Am Surrounded By?

People that are around you have great influence on you, especially when you are looking for purpose in life. If you are not surrounded with positive people and people who encourage you then it may be a contributing factor to your psychological health.

The Answer: There will be no greater time than now to take a step back and evaluate the people you surround yourself with.  It might not be easy, and you will lose friends along the way but dropping the people who has a negative impact on you will be worth the loss.  Instead, build a relationship with like-minded people, and people who are consistently pushing you to become a better person.

Stronginsideout.com has a good article on the justification of dropping negative people here.


3) Am I Satisfied With Where I Am?

Ask yourself if you are happy with what you have done and accomplished so far. And in case you are not, it is never late to make changes towards yourself for the better.

The Answer: Do not compare yourself with others, worry about yourself and how to be happy with where your life is heading.  Happiness is also attributed from our goals and achievements as well as the journey building up to it.  Understand that only you are responsible for where you end up in life so be ready to make changes if you feel it’ll affect your happiness.


4) What Else Can I Do?

Sometimes you may feel that you’re not accomplishing much and you may feel that you’re not contributing to society or that there’s little meaning to the things you do in life.

The Answer: There is always more we can do.   Get involved with something meaningful and try to contribute in something that will give meaning.   Think of what you want to do, what you want to change and what kind of impact you want to have from it.


5) How Do I Feel?

People are rarely satisfied with the things that they have, they always crave for more. But be realistic. Define what success is according to you and what gives you a rush of excitement and satisfaction. Success can be wealth, or it may be experiences that creates timeless memories.

The Answer: You do not need bigger houses or excessive wealth to be happy.  Unless you’ve been through the failure list, you’ll understand that you need very little to go by and life is more valuable by the experiences we make rather than the temporary feeling of satisfaction from shopping therapy.  Go out and seek something exciting in a place you’re not familiar with and see how the spark of a new adventure will rekindle happiness within you.


6) How Do I Want People To Remember Me?

Nobody wants to feel like they haven’t left a mark in society.  Everyone wants to build something important for people to remember them by.  It’s the successful feeling of accomplishment for making an impact on people and having the feeling of trust that makes a lasting impression.

The Answer: Become a great supporters to your friends & family and think about the relationship you’re building with them and how you may be affecting them and their own life. Continue being a positive influence and you’ll see just how heavily people will begin to reciprocate.

Visit Forbes’ article to read more on building a lasting impression.


7) What Can I Do To Be Happy

Sometimes we may struggle to find out how to be happy, but we all know what makes us miserable.  Whether or not you’re able to control the negative influences in your life, you can at least identify it and try to understand how it is affecting you psychologically.  Identify the problem, accept that it’s bringing a negative impact to your life, then make an effort to make changes.

The Answer: Sometimes it’s not as easy as flipping a switch to stop doing the things that have a negative impact on us but it’s possible to start avoiding those things, people or places as a start.  On the flip side, sometimes things just simply can’t be controlled to work in our favor.  In this case control the controllables and do what you can.


These are basic questions that we ask ourselves on how to be happy. Repeat these questions to yourself often and try to understand how these may be impacting your health and happiness. Everything starts with you and know that you’re not alone when it comes to understanding what makes us happy.


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