7 Grooming Habits You Should Be Doing

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7 Grooming Habits You Should Be Doing

7 Grooming Habits You Should Be Doing

7 Grooming Habits You Should Be Doing

Your appearance goes far in deciding your success in life, work, and relationships. For men, this should apply significantly all the more so because we have a tendency to spend less time on appearance compared to women.

So before we begin with our list, take one last look at the tools you have in your bathroom before checking to see if you’re following all 7 grooming habits you should be doing below.


1. Shave on a Continuous Basis

This is a lot of a hassle for most men, however this is one of the basic rules of personal cleanliness. Men’s prepping is incomplete without this point of interest. Contingent upon your hair development and skin sensitivity, you should shave at regular intervals to keep your facial hair under control. Shaving frequently gives the impression that you think about your appearance and make the push to look great.

You have two options at this point.

  1.  We’d recommend a barber to trim your beard once every 3-4 weeks depending on how fast it grows and the style you want. So get your phone out and set up a recurring appointment.
  2. Do it yourself if you’re just doing minor touch-ups and be sure to use the right tools. There are certain tools catered for specific needs. You can read more about it on our grooming essential tool list.


2. Use Antiperspirant

You wouldn’t believe how many men skip this subtle element when it comes to personal hygiene.  Using an antiperspirant with a gentle scent keeps you fresh and dry throughout the day and helps to control sweat and body odor.

Our Recommendation: You can’t go wrong with Old Spice, or Dove. They’re light, long lasting, and smell great.


3. Floss Daily in Conjunction of Brushing

You hear this time and time again but most men still don’t follow it.  Flossing is important for oral cleanliness as it helps to remove food particles and films of bacteria which causes bad breath and plaque build up that leads to gum disease and inflammation.

Our Recommendation: Disposable Floss Picks from Glide

4. Clip Your Nails

Even grooming goes down to the smaller things such as your finger nails.  Long nails have the tendency to gather dirt, look appalling, and makes you look like a lazy person in general. Cut your nails frequently and trim your cuticles as well if they start to stand out. Keep nails clean, and also use hand cream to keep your hands soft.


5. Get Your Scent On Point

When it comes to scent, a man should always choose the one that best matches his personality.  On another note, don’t just pick one and wear it until the bottle’s finished.  Fragrance is like an art where we pick the one that smells best suited for the occasion.

Our Recommendation: A few good starters that are rated high for being well rounded.  Or check our other fragrance collection.

Terre D’ Hermes – Hermes

Curve – Liz‑Claiborne

Man – Jimmy Choo

Guess Night – Guess

Invictus – Paco Rabanne

6. Keep Your Face Clean

Your face collects the most earth and grime, so make sure to wash it twice day by day with a gentle face cleanser and to finish it up with a moisturizer . This will keep your face clean, your pores unclogged, and also keep up your moisture and pH levels. Keeping you looking fresh and decreasing the amount of wrinkles in your skin.

Our Recommendation Face Wash: Cetaphil, all the way.  One of the best facial cleaners for dirt, sweat, and oil without drying.

Recommended Moisturizer: Neutrogena for men during the day and Oz Natural at night before you sleep.

7.Keep It Clean Below The Belt

Keeping your pubic area in check is completely in the norm so this shouldn’t be ignored when you’re keeping the rest of your body well groomed.  Whether it’s a trim or a close shave, be sure not to ignore this area the next time you’re in the shower.


Final Notes

If you’re planning to be an overall well-groomed man who exudes confidence and charm then these are the 7 basic grooming habits you should be doing.  Let me us how your list differs on the comments below!



Know any other grooming habits you should be doing? Let us know in the comments below!

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Brian Hill
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