The 7 Essential Beard Maintenance Tools

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The 7 Essential Beard Maintenance Tools

essential beard maintenance tools

7 Essential Beard Maintenance Tools Every Man Needs

A well trimmed, fashioned beard should always be a part of every mans grooming ritual. Whether or not you identify your beard as a fashion or a burden, these 7 essential beard maintenance tools will come in handy when it comes time for your next shave.

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1. Electric Beard Trimmers

Beard trimmers are best used for the more barbaric manscaping rituals as it provides the cleanest and quickest trim. Some electric beard trimmers have additional featured such as a built in vacuum to catch the entire hair residue or cordless a cordless function.  Don’t be left out without one.

Our Recommendation: [simple_tooltip content=’$45 at Amazon’]Philip Norelco Beard Trimmer7300[/simple_tooltip]

2. Beard Hair Brush

A badly groomed beard is a nightmare that you may not like to see. Every original beard holder will like to enjoy the benefit of stimulating your beard through brushing. Brushing also makes your beard look neat and well managed while using a natural wooden body can benefit by getting rid of static. The bristle also penetrates your hair quickly without much pain while enabling it to hold moisture.

Our Recommendation: [simple_tooltip content=’$20 at Amazon’]Rocky Mountain Beard Brush[/simple_tooltip]


3. The Essential Mustache Comb

The key to successfully taming thick, coarse hair lies in a perfectly strong comb.  A good comb should also be small enough to carry anywhere with your trimmer and made well to comb your hair without scratching or tugging on it.

Our Recommendation:[simple_tooltip content=’$7.50 at Amazon’] Kents 73mm Fine Toothed Mustache & Beard Comb[/simple_tooltip]


4. Beard Softener/Moisturizer

For those with extremely thick and scruffy bears, turn your beard from a scruffy itchy no-go to the soft anti-itch beard by using either a beard scrubber or a softener.

Our Recommendation:  [simple_tooltip content=’$13 at Amazon’] Honest Amish All Natural Beard Balm[/simple_tooltip]

Beard Balm

5. Beard oil

There is no bad feeling like itchy beards, irritation, and flakes. Beard oil helps to soften the beard and prepares the skin for a close and comfortable shave without leaving an oily residue. Always good to use for those with thick and heavy beards.

Our Recommendation:  [simple_tooltip content=’$25 at Art of Shaving’] Sandalwood Preshave Oi[/simple_tooltip]

preshave oil



6. Beard soaps

Most regular soaps contain harmful detergents that leave your skin dry making the skin irritated. Beard soap helps to provide glide that helps to protect the skin from irritation and skin burns. The lather also helps to keep the beard hair lifted for a close cut.

Our Recommendation:  [simple_tooltip content=’$50 at Art of Shaving’] The Art of Shaving Beard Shampoo[/simple_tooltip]

Shaving Soap


7. Traditional Shaving Cream

The last on our list of important essential beard maintenance tools is shaving cream.  Shaving cream acts like lubricant to give a clean, close shave while protecting the skin from irritations and razor burns. While also desensitizing skin and swelling keratin, it helps to makes shaving as comfortable as possible.

Our Recommendation:  [simple_tooltip content=’$17 at Amazon’] Taylor Of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream[/simple_tooltip]



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