7 Cleaning Tricks To Recover Your Shoes

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7 Cleaning Tricks To Recover Your Shoes

how to recover your shoes

Use These Simple Tricks To Recover Your Shoes Back To Their Initial State

Buying quality shoes is always recommended as they’re build for style, comfort, and most of all, longevity.  In this regard to be able to get your value for money for the shoes that you invest in, shoe care will need to be applied.

Below are several cleaning tricks to recover your shoes back to their initial state.


1. Use a Shoe Tree

For those that are unfamiliar with what a shoe tree is, a shoe trees is a wooden/plastic shaped box placed into the shoe to retain its shape.  Shoe tress are important for the simple reason that it allows recently removed shoes to be dried out, leaving them in their ideal natural shape.

What To Do: Using a cedar shoe tree is advised as it tends to draws out moisture quicker than other types. Leaving them in for an hour or two after removing your shoes should do the trick.


2. Deodorize With Alcohol & Tea Tree Oil

Most people ignore the interior of their shoes so this is one to participate in. Sweat builds from our feet and moisture ends up being trapped where bacteria can cause odor.  Using alcohol helps to deodorize your shoes while killing any bacteria that may contribute. Tea tree oil does the same thing and is effective at deodorizing and disinfecting your shoes to prevent them from smelling due to bacteria.

What To Do: Grab a piece of absorbent clothing at hand, add a few drops of alcohol or tea tree oil, and swab the insides of your shoe carefully while avoiding the exterior as it might stain the shoe.


3. Use Waterproof Shoe Protector

We added this to the list not because it’s a trick, but because it’s usually overlooked and an easy way to keep your shoes from aging from unfortunate water spills.  Regardless of the fact that there are thousands of waterproof protectors in the market, the truth is that they do actually work. After purchasing a new pair of shoes and before wearing them for the first time, spay a generous amount of waterproof shoe protector on the shoe. This will help the surface from getting ruined and cracking when it finally rains.

What To Do: Just buy a waterproof shoe spray and apply as needed.


4. Using Newspapers for Wet Shoes

If you forget all about water proofing your shoes and it has rained, use newspapers to soak up all water and moisture in your shoes to speed up the drying process. Using this method is a safer alternative to placing your shoes out in the sun to dry as direct sun and other heating elements may cause your shoes to crack or over dry.

What To Do: Stuff them with newspapers until they’re full and place them in a cool room. Before completely drying, use the shoe trees to ensure that they retain their original shape and to dry out the remaining moisture.


5. Vinegar For Road/Salt Stains

There are those unexplained road stains that often appear and even with thorough brushing and polishing they never seem to disappear. In this regard the answer is vinegar and water. Recover your shoes with vinegar and water by applying this directly on the stain. The original color of the shoe will soon start to appear.

What To Do: Use a 2:1 Water/Vinegar ratio and a soak a piece of cloth in it. Gently wipe away the road salt and it’ll fix it right up. Wikihow also has alternative methods to remove road stains.


6. Apply Sole Dressing/Edge Dressers

Anyone one that’s not really a trick but more of a necessity for proper shoe care so it’s worth mentioning.  When walking many people often hit the soles of their shoes along pavements and doors, scuffing them in the process. However to return the new look before a lot of damage happens, applying some edge dressing with cotton will go a long way in removing those scuff marks.

What To Do: A sole/edge dresser comes in a little bottle that you apply onto the sole of your shoes. They’re like polishers but for your sole. Just uncap and apply.


7. Use A Pencil Eraser On Suede

If you have a pair of suede shoes and you scuffed them up in certain areas or got a couple smudges that needs to be removed then look no further than your table drawer for the perfect cleaning tool. Pencil Erasers work like magic for suede and cleans any smudges or scuffs right off without taking away from the suedes color or material.

What To Do: We shouldn’t have to explain how to use an eraser. Just don’t go overboard and erase more than you need to. You should see the progress as you’re erasing it so just stop when the marks disappear.


Final Thoughts

We hope these 7 things on the list helps you to recover your shoes back to health. If you used one of the tricks above or have an idea to add to the list then leave a comment below!

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