6 Life Changing Failures You Need To Experience

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6 Life Changing Failures You Need To Experience

failures you need to experience

6 Life Changing Failures You Need To Experience To Be Exceptional

If you want to succeed in your personal life or your career you need to experience failure. You have to fail, not once but many, many times and to learn from each failure. Most importantly, you need to fail at certain things that will later help for the fruition of your success. Avoid repeated failure, because every time you fail it has to be a learning experience than the previous one.

Here is a list of failures you need to experience throughout your life.


Failure #1 Failed Relationship

A failure of a serious relationship is probably one of the things that have the greatest influence in our lives. This is the thing that makes us the people we are today. Only after you manage to mess up a good relationship, only then you will learn how to appreciate one another.


Failure#2 Failed Friendship

We can’t say that only romantic relationships can teach you something in your life. Relationships that you have with your friends are way meaningful too. We learn how to appreciate other human beings, to admire them for who they are and what they have accomplished. But unfortunately there are toxic friendships, they teach you patience because you have to put up with them for a while, but in the end you realize that you are not getting anything from them and you have to end it.

Thought Catalog has a good list of signs on toxic friends here.


Failure #3 Failed Career

It is very difficult to figure out at once what you want from life as well as your passions. If you belong to the group that is struggling to find the right career choice then don’t be afraid. You just need to experience some failure in order to succeed. You need to go through some trial and error before you figure it out what works for you and what makes you happy doing it.


Failure #4 Failed Bank Account

In order to understand the importance of money you need to be broke at least once in your life time. You might believe that you can understand it, but it is impossible unless you had to figure out how to bring food to the table without a single bill in your pocket. Being broke, will later teach you how you need so little to get by. People usually waste money and live inefficiently and they never learn to enjoy and appreciate the simple things that life has to offer.


Failure #5 Failed Greatness

If you succeed at the first attempt then you will not appreciate your accomplishments. You need to struggle for success and for greatness. This struggle will make you feel inspired, because the things that come easy to us only brings instant gratification in which we will never be satisfied.  The amount of obstacles, time, & commitment you spend, the greater the satisfaction will be upon success.


Failure #6 Failed Predictions & Expectations

We have the ability to predict the future. We can do that with accuracy because we understand very well the relationship between cause and effect. Having high expectations of something and failing to reach it is one of the failures you need to experience that will show you that nothing is certain unless we put the necessary actions in to set it in motion.


There are so many opportunities that we usually miss just because we are afraid of failure. Instead, take the opportunity to learn from it and apply it to make you a better person.  We all fail in life, it’s how we succeed from it that counts.

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