6 Important First Date Tips

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6 Important First Date Tips

first date tips

6 Important First Date Tips

People have a tendency to overly focus on details especially when it comes to first dates. It‘s understandable for you to get a bit nervous being that it is your first date, but you have to remember that essentially, dating should be about you and your date having fun. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare for your date and on that account, it will be good to know some good old first date tips.

That being the case, most first dates is the first impression on how women gauge their comfort around men. Here are some valuable first date tips on preparing and ensuring that your date go as smooth as you hope it to be:


1) Planning & Venue Check

Planning is the key to keep your first date going smooth and well especially when you want to keep the “getting to know stuff and awkward moments” in check. As such, it would be good to choose on doing something that’s interesting for the both of you. So if possible, find a venue that’ll give you both something physical to do but still be able to land some quiet time with each other.


2) Conversation Topics

You can expect that during the first date, there will be some small gaps in the conversation that you would want to fill. Following that, it would be a good idea to have a list of some conversation starters, probably things you want to know about your date or anything your date might find interesting and then practice them into the conversation.

I shouldn’t have to mention that conversations at this point should be more about her to get her to talk more while you listen. Women love to talk about themselves so always have a handful of topics on hand that would engage her to express her hobbies, interest, and her insights on her own future. Those topics always generate good vibes and she’ll like that you’re there to get to know her and not just babble on about yourself.


3) Dress More Towards Comfort & Personality

Whether it is first date or not, it is best that you wear something you are comfortable with and which makes you feel good. There should be little to no worry about what your date is thinking when it comes to what you’ll wear unless you’ve given her nothing to go on as far where the date is taking place and what the date will entail (she wouldn’t want to wear heels to the beach). What is important is that you are comfortable and at ease with yourself which will certainly reflects your personality and which your date would very much want to see. The date will only be as pleasurable as your comfort level when you’re with her. Women are good at picking up vibes from men and energy levels can transfer quickly from one another. So if you’re comfortable & confident, she’ll pick that up and will be more at ease. If you’re fidgety, nervous, or wondering what she thinks about your clothes, then she’ll be able to pick that up too. Your clothes and how you look should be the last thing on your mind during a date.


4) Avoid Being Stereotypical, She’s Expecting Something Different

To ensure that the first date runs smoothly, the key is to become a good conversationalist while subtlety investigating your date bit by bit. In that case, it is best for you to learn about the stereotypical questions, common mistakes and dominating actions you have to avoid during the date. What’s important here is to ensure that the conversation is kept interesting and your date has something to remember.


5) Eye Contact Is Everything

Maintaining balanced eye contact is important during conversation and one of the best first date tips to remember. Surely, you would not want to appear dominating and asserting your date and with that it is crucial that you maintain just the right amount of eye contact. This way, your date will know that you are interested in whatever you were doing and confident enough to keep your gaze on her which she will find extremely sexy.


6) Keep Your Body Language In Check

Your body language reveals a lot of things about you unknowingly. As such, you have to be real and watch over your actions and present yourself in such a way that will definitely not send the wrong signal. On that note, best if you would look up about the most obvious signs so to avoid them.


The most important thing you have to remember is to relax and be yourself. If you cannot enjoy your date and is always fidgeting because you’re not comfortable, surely your date will never find your first date enjoying at all. Once you’ve read this this list, be sure to check out what she’s actually thinking on the first date written by a female dating coach her self on first date expectations.


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